Galaxy Play- Game Streaming Service Launches

Samsung Galaxy Play Link is a new game streaming service that will be launched in the middle of September. They will provide a free application to download. The app allows to game stream from personal computers to your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The service will only be offered on Windows 10 for now. The gameplay will be streamed at the same time across both devices. This technology was developed by gaming startup Parsec.

Unlike Google Stadia you should be able to stream games you already own. Samsung’s streaming service might also need a third-party controller to play your games. Samsung featured the Glap controller and this looks to be a good solution.

For some years now Samsung has proved to us that it cares about mobile gaming. Its past deals with Epic Games kind of confirms that. Services such as Google Stadia, Apple Arcade, and  Valve’s Steam Link, Samsung looks to be taking a more serious approach to game streaming with the GalaxyPlay Link.

Samsung Galaxy Play

Only time will tell but let’s hope no issues arise and with Samsung’s partnerships with Microsoft and Parsec hopefully, they can iron out possible issues before the launch date.

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