Police Closes IPTV pirate streaming TV network

Italian authorities today have helped smash what they called “the world’s largest” Pirate Streaming TV Network, with over 5,1 million customers in Italy alone and many more across the world. The financial police in the southern city of Naples have said they have arrested 23 people that are part of the operation of Xtream Codes. The estimated turnover for this company is around €60 million.Pirate Streaming TV Network

Massive Illegal  Platform

Xtream Codes is a massive platform that can provide an IPTV panel. They then sell it to IPTV companies from around the world. The service can be used to manage and update channel listings. There are many illegal streaming platforms that use the Xtream Codes panel and then sell the channel lineup to their customers to watch LIVE TV. Services like this can be bought very cheaply. This can go from anywhere from $5 up to around $20 depending on the service you choose. This can be a massive saving from the likes of SKY TV, DISH NETWORK, and CABLE NETWORKS.

Raids Across Europe On Pirate Streaming TV Network

Today raids took place in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, and the Netherlands in collaboration with Eurojust, the EU’s judicial cooperation unit. Police forces across Europe are carrying out raids against illegal video streaming service platforms. This is an effort to stop an illegal market that threatens media groups’ subscription businesses such as pay-TV and video-on-demand.

It is important to note, that this takedown of Xtreme code will be affecting all Android. This includes Firestick and NVIDIA Shield IPTV users. Also, it will be affecting users with IPTV Smarters PRO and SMART IPTV as well. Not really sure what will happen next as some IPTV Panels will have no access to update channels ect.

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