Police Closes IPTV Services,Finding Solutions?

Early today i wrote about the situation with IPTV services being affected by a police raid that happened around Europe regarding the massive service called Xtream Codes.

Xtream Codes provided services to millions of users in the way of IPTV. Lots of services rely on Xtream Codes and because it was taken down many services are either down completely or no longer have access to the panel to control the channels. This may also affect adding new signups to the panel and having no control whatsoever and without control, it’s only a matter of time before channels start to die out.

Check Out More Information About This HERE From the article i posted earlier today.

Raids Across Europe On Pirate Streaming TV Network

Today raids took place in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, and the Netherlands in collaboration with Eurojust, the EU’s judicial cooperation unit. Police forces across Europe are carrying out raids against illegal video streaming service platforms. This is an effort to stop an illegal market that threatens media groups.

IPTV services


Today i received an email from a service provider that provides services for IPTV. It seems that this service which is called SmartFireSticksUK were affected slightly.

The message reads this

__Serious Announcement__*
Xtreme Codes who run the panels that control 99% of IPTV providers have been shut down (temporarily). What does this mean for us? Short term, all streams (except UK Entertainment Section) are up and working. After the football tonight we will be migrating across to another platform. Hopefully, this will be a smooth process and all will be ok. The DNS propagation may take 24hrs (hopefully faster) but not much more that can be done. All I can do is apologize, but if you see from the links below most providers in the same situation as me. If the streams STOP please do not report as we are working on this and it will only slow us down. There will be an update when all is back up and working.


Maybe Some Good News

So it seems this service is going to move to another platform and the email sounds very confident. Many IPTV will have no choice and will probably follow in this direction. If you are with an IPTV service that has been affected by this then please be patient as this could take some services some time to bounce back from this problem. We may even lose some IPTV providers because of this, especially the small ones and those that have just started out.

Hopefully, everything will be back to normal very soon, and hope not too many people will be affected for much longer.

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