BatFlix Movies and TV Shows Website

BatFlix is possibly the best website I have seen for a very long time it offers many options from cam to SD to full HD. It also offers very old content, as well as the new content biggest reason this website is so good, is the fact that we see no popups or annoying adverts.

Movies and TV Shows

Features Of BatFlix

  • A massive list of movies from the latest to the past.
  • Plays the movie or show as soon as you hit the play button in 1 click.
  • Has a rating system with a thumbs up or thumbs down button jut like youtube.
  • No need to login to view the content.
  • Great search button to find the content you wish to watch.
  • A quick filter to sort by date or genre.

Home Page

On the main home page of the website, we see 3 categories. There’s a Featured section and a Latest movie section and section for Latest TV Shows.

Top Of The Page

At the top left-hand side of the website we have a search option and sections for Movies, TV Shows, Trending, and lastly a Quick Filter.

Bottom Of  The Website

The bottom left of the website there is an option and sections that include as follows.

Website Address

The batflix website seems to be working fantastic as of typing i have no issues at all. If you want to check out the website CLICK ME.

My Review

Im not sure how this can be run ad-free but im not complaining. In the future when this becomes more widespread im sure at some point this will change taking into account server costs ect.On testing, i tried to play many titles old and new and every single  Movie loaded instantly. I tested old classics like Home Alone and Gremlins and there were no issues. The website has all types of quality such as HD, SD, and Cam.

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