WiWii Anime Watch & Discovery v1.9 MOD

WiWii Anime is a free online subtitle anime watch application with a huge anime movie warehouse, full HD image quality, and a series of attractive features to bring a perfect experience, satisfying the passion of watching anime movies online unlimited on Android phones anywhere for free.

Turtle Anime AKA WiWi.Anime

fully updated genres

romantic anime, action anime, comedy anime, adventure anime, school anime … and anime with special themes … with rich content and length different, in which you can also choose to watch anime or anime subtitles. Anime movies are uploaded in original, without cropping, with subtitles, full HD anime viewing image quality brings a smooth, perfect movie viewing experience.

movie filters according to many criteria

anime genre, release year, or country to help anime viewers minimize the time they spend searching for anime movies that suit their preferences and needs.

 Features of WiWii Anime

  • Lots of Anime content
  • Simple look
  • Search option
  • Completely free
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-use interface
  • HD Video Player
  • Favorites section
  • Little publicity

If you like light color, Turtle Anime brings to you Red Mode.

Or if you like dark color, Turtle Anime also has Dark Mode for you.

All popular – top rate – top trending will be shown here. You can discover any anime and enjoy it.

Turtle Anime has all anime from the 1980s to now. All movies, all series you like are here. Discover and Enjoy them.

Turtle Anime bring you the History & Favorite feature. You can easily keep an eye on any news and updates of your favorite anime.

Turn your room into a cinema with Chromecast. With Chromecast, you can easily enjoy your favorite anime series, movies, and more on your TV.


Are you looking for an app to watch your favorite anime series? Do you want an app to watch all the free anime series in HD online? Do you want to see your anime series in English?
Turtle Anime is your application. The Anime apk lets us Watch high-quality content on the go with the ability to watch anime trailers, rate, and add to your lists.

Keep track of everything you wish to watch

The app will allow you to keep track of everything you wish to watch, are watching, or what you have already watched. The videos are of the highest quality for the anime, so if the anime is in HD you will get an HD option. Videos are added daily. With the Turtle Anime app, you will have at your disposal the best anime series, the Japanese anime classics, and the most current anime series. You will be able to enjoy your favorite anime series in any place and at any time, in Turtle Anime you will have a user-friendly and intuitive interface,
In addition to a very broad catalog with the best anime series of all time.


The app is on the website at the moment you can check it out HERE. The app used to be called WiWi.Anime but now is called Turtle Anime when downloading from the playstore.


WiWii Anime can also be found on the playstore but might be blocked in some regions, if you would like to support the app it’s always an idea to use the ad-supported version.

Mod Details

  • Analytics were disabled
  • Receivers disabled
  • ads removed
  • Startup popup message removed
  • mod by hifi2007 reviews



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