Deezer Music,Radio v8.0.0.18 MOD

Deezer allows, you to discover free music, albums, and playlists you love with Deezer, your podcast, and your music player. Stream and download to listen offline, or sing-a-long with and share online personal sound is now always with you. Try Flow, for a custom list of new and old tunes, albums, and more. Listen to playlists packed with top songs and sounds by the hottest artists.

Deezer Music Player

Features of Deezer apk Premium

  •  Disw, your personal soundtrack
  •  Search and easily share any song, artist, or album
  •  Discover music and millions of playlists
  •  Listen to Mixes inspired by your favorite tracks, artists, or albums
  •  Create unlimited music playlists
  •  Download music and an MP3 to listen to offline
  •  Sing along with on-screen music lyrics
  •  Immerse yourself in what you love with a list or Channel
  •  Explore unlimited entertainment, podcasts, and audiobooks
  •  Listen to live radio stations
  •  Import your favorite MP3s
  •  Share your song playlists or keep them private

Deezer apk Premium


Download any MP3 from the latest albums and sing along to your favorite tune with on-screen lyrics. Listen to your music on-demand, online or offline, wherever and whenever you want, and have music at your fingertips for waking up, chilling out, and living life. Deezer’s music Editors and smart technology help you discover new music and songs that match your personal taste. Just press play, and let Flow learn your musicallow

Flow is your personal soundtrack of fresh new beats and the songs you forgot you loved in one infinite stream. It’s an ever-evolving, one-click musical experience that plays non-stop tunes, personalized to your tastes. Plus, discover new hits by Ed Sheeran, Adele, Justin Bieber, and other award-winning artists. Listen to the songs that are playing on the radio.


Create playlists and receive recommendations from the Deezer music Editors, who curate thousands of tracks so you can play them one after another or in shuffle mode. Find a playlist of songs for a road trip with Coldplay, or create a workout mix with pop hits from Meghan Trainor and Nicki Minaj. Find music and keep your playlists forever.


Start listening to songs at your leisure and enjoy your music anywhere with your mobile.


Stream Channels and enjoy curated, recommended songs based on a mood, genre, or event. Discover unlimited music for genres such as Indie, Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Blues, and more. Choose a Channel to see a collection of artists, playlists, radio stations, new releases, and Editor picks.


Deezer not only lets you stream unlimited music, but it also lets you sing along to your favorite artists with on-screen lyrics. Whether streaming Madonna or Chris Brown, sing along with music lyrics at heardour fingertips. Have you heard a song on the radio that you love? Find the music, get the lyrics, and sing out loud.


Enjoy mixes based on your favorite tracks, specific song genres, or types of music such as 80s rock, country music, top David Bowie sogs, pop like Miley Cyrus,or chill-out music like Coldplay. Download your music Mix and even share your Mixes with friends.


Explore the entire Deezer music catalog and listen to music by searching for artists, albums, or tracks. Search music to discover the best new artists and genres. Discover the latest music and listen to songs, all day long.


Set up your audio settings by choosing the Balanced option – improve sound quality when connected to WiFi, or customize your audio settings yourself, by choosing the Custom option.

Premium Deezer Android music player

  •  Unlimited music across all devices.
  •  No ads or interruptions.
  •  Enhanced sound and audio quality.
  •  Offline mode.
  •  Drive with CarPlay, the best co-pilot.

Mod Details

  • Premium features are open
  • Removed visual and audio ads
  • Metrics and analytics disabled
  • Multi-languages
  • ARM7, ARM64
  • Due to changes on the Deezer server, the sound quality in ALL mods is currently 128 Kbps. All other premium features still work.
  • Modded by mihz & misuri78

Where to find

Deezer can be found online in many places around the web Facebook Twitter and Google Play. Feel free to click on those links and check them out.

Deezer website online version

Deezer has an online web version of the app this can be used with the free plan or start a 3-month trial for the premium version, the website can be found HERE.



Deezer-v4.0.1_build_6234301-ModAndroid TV


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