AnimeScrap v2.5.3 Anime Watching MOD

AnimeScrap Anime Watching App is a new anime app too comes to the scene. It has a big list of content and includes series and movies with a huge catalog. The interface looks very cool and is very easy to work with. They should work on many types of phones and tablets from Android 6.0 and up. This might work on some boxes too. The interface is easy to see, easy to use but no less eye-catching, modern with an extremely user-friendly design



  • Compatible with Android 6.0 and above (API 23+)
  • Supports Android TV.
  • Comes in both light and dark mode.
  • Supports dynamic colors on A12+.
  • Supports external video player
  • Supports Picture-in-Picture mode.
  • Material Design 3┬áTheme.

MORE Features Of AnimeScrap Watching App

  • Search Anime.
  • Recently Added Episodes.
  • Popular Animes.
  • Anime Movies.
  • Watch Progress.
  • Add To Favourites.
  • Auto Quality for Video Playback.
  • Ads Free Video Playback.
  • Directly skip to the next/previous episode from the player.
  • Dark Mode Support with the system.
  • Watch anime online in- Get notified when a new episode is released
  • Make watch lists
  • Beautiful UI (Dark Mode)
  • Check the schedule for new episodes
  • Watch trial episodes directly in animes
  • English Subbed and Dubbed category
  • Easy to use.
  • English SUB Animes and Dubbed category
  • Check the schedule for new episodes of prime quality with English dubbed + subbed anime.

What Anime tv Anime Watching App can do

  • It allows you to find movies and complete series with the episode numbers and seasons.
  • The app has a synopsis for all the TV and Movie shared within the platform.
  • It allows you to browse categories and search through the app.
  • The built-in player works well so no need to download an external player.

Alternative app for Anime

There are lots of apps for anime on this website and the 1 that stands out for me is Anime World this has been around a long time now and still continues to get updated often. The app is very user-friendly and 100% ad-free.


Hd Anime Star at the moment can be found on the app store, it is not guaranteed to be there forever. If you would like to support them or leave them a rating check them out HERE


  • Added AniWave Source
  • Some Minor Fixes
  • Removed rip sources


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