Blaze TV FireTV AndroidTV UK Catchup v1.7

BLAZE TV is a free channel that airs in the United Kindom. The channel lets you watch lots of free TV shows that are now provided for catch-up via their application or website. Some of the shows include Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and Forged in Fire.


Features Of BLAZE TV

  • No need to signup or login to use the app.
  • It is 100% free to use the app in the UK and there’s no need to pay for anything.
  • The app gives you up to 30 days to catch up with your favorite shows.
  • Content is updated daily with new shows and other content to watch, so we don’t get bored.
  • Watch the Blaze TV channel within the app Live and 100% free.

You are able to watch

  • The latest finds and next clues in The Curse of Oak Island.
  • Discovering the stories behind the next item to walk into the Pawn Stars store.
  • The heat of the competition and creativity in Forged in Fire.
  • Get digging with Suggs, on the road with Ronnie O’Sullivan, or ride a tank with Ozzy Osbourne.
  • The best selection in programs that deal with the unanswered and unidentified from UFO files to opening your mind to other explanations in Ancient Aliens.
  • Who’s bought home the biggest catch in Wicked Tuna or Swamp Men.
  • Turning trash into cash with Storage Wars, or make dosh with Flipping Bangers.
  • It’s all here, Rock Stars, Pawn Stars, sporting legends, and everyday heroes.

Play store

The BLAZE TV  app for Fire TV and Android TV can be found on the Amazon store HERE this has some video ads but nothing too annoying. Choosing these options helps the developer of the app. If you don’t live in the UK then this option will be blocked from downloading the official version. If you would like to download outside of the UK then check out my download links at the bottom of this page.


If you want to watch the content via a browser then check out the website HERE. This helps to stream the same content using eg, Windows, Mac, Apple, Chromebook, and many others

Mod Details remod reduced file size

  • United Kindom Service.
  • Ads removed.
  • Analytics is disabled.
  • Arm and x86 support.
  • bypassed amazon store check
  • Bypassed amazon signature checks to possibly work on other devices.
  • Mod by hifi 2007 reviews

VPN Needed To Watch Outside Of The UK

If you are not in the UK then a VPN is needed. Using a free VPN should be enough to unblock and using VPN Pro will help.  Nvidia shield ad-free 


Blaze Tv.ver.1.7.Mod. build.5510017 Fire Tv


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