FoxAnime apk download v1.0 Premium MOD

FoxAnime is a free online subtitle anime watch application with a huge anime movie warehouse, full HD image quality, and a series of attractive features to bring a perfect experience, and satisfy the passion of watching anime movies online unlimited on Android phones and Android TV anywhere for free.

Anime Fox apk

Plenty of Genre To Watch

FoxAnime fully updated genres: romantic anime, action anime, comedy anime, adventure anime, school anime … and anime with special themes … with rich content and length different, in which you can also choose to watch anime or anime subtitles. Anime movies are uploaded in original, without cropping, with subtitles, full HD anime viewing image quality brings a smooth, perfect movie viewing experience.


FoxAnime app has a fast movie download speed, stable transmission, and no slow loading or waiting for a long time.

Easy To Use Interface

The interface is easy to see, easy to use but no less eye-catching, modern with an extremely user-friendly design.

Good Quality Streams

FoxAnime apk brings a high-quality visual anime viewing experience, suitable for each network connection due to integrating many options to watch 360, 480, 720 movies, or watch full HD 1080 movies, sharp on the screen of electrical equipment. Voice with live sound.

Supports Your Favorites

FoxAnime app also supports saving history, creating and adding favorite movies to your personal movie library. This is the feature to watch your favorite anime movies that few anime movie apps currently on the market can do. Thereby, you can freely manage the anime movies you are watching, from which you can choose to watch anime, watch again or watch the next episodes in the same anime movie in an active and easy way. Not only that, but AnimeFox also supports syncing viewing history and favorites list to google drive, viewers no longer worry about losing history data when reinstalling the app.

Search Filter

Anime Fox has movie filters according to many criteria: anime genre, release year, or country to help anime viewers minimize the time they spend searching for anime movies that suit their preferences and needs.

Customize or install anime views easily

Anime Fox allows users to customize or install anime views easily, from adjusting volume, brightness, size, text style, and subtitle colors, to movie-watching quality, fast forward. reverse only by manipulation, gestures as simple as a swipe on the touch screen. Anime Fox stable operation, with no lag or glitches during the process of watching anime online.

More Info

Anime Fox is an app that lets you watch thousands of episodes from hundreds of different animated series, directly on your Android device. The interface is very intuitive. From the drop-down menu to the left you can quickly access a list of all the available series, ordered alphabetically or by popularity. You can also see a list of the episodes you downloaded, and take a look at the latest animated movies.

Strong Points

The strong points of Anime Fox are the ability to choose how you want to watch the episodes, either streaming them or downloading them to your device. You can also send them directly to your Chromecast device if you have one. Anime Fox is an excellent app for watching animated series like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and others. It lets you enjoy all the episodes easily, and offers a lot of different possibilities in which to do it.

FoxAnime is a free application to watch Indonesian online anime subtitles with a large anime movie store, full HD picture quality and various interesting features that provide a perfect experience, satisfying the desire to watch anime movies online. limited to mobile phones and even Android TV everywhere completely free.

FoxAnime is a huge anime movie store

that can bring up to 30,000 anime titles, fully combining all the latest and most popular anime movies from various animeboy, animeco, anime9, gogoanime, kissanime, FoxAnime sources… continuously updated 24/7

TV anime has updated all genres

love anime, action anime, funny anime, adventure anime, school anime … and anime cartoons with special themes … with rich content and levels Varied duration, where you can also choose to watch narration or Indonesian subtitled anime films.
original anime movies, latest, no cropping, full subtitles, full HD anime picture quality for a perfect and perfect movie viewing experience


First of all, you need to download the apk file. Then Go to settings and security. You will then need to enable unknown sources on your Android device. Install the apk file on your device. Finally, Open the app to browse through the content.

How To Select Play On TV

After Selection Pops Up Hit Select Button Once
Then Uncheck & Just Go Right 2 Times & Select Play
Or Uncheck & Just Go Right 1 Time & Select Download

Mouse Toggle Only Needed To Access Side Bar & Settings:
Interface Has Day Mode, Night Mode & Auto Night Mode
Can Change Downloader Default To ADM

Mod Details

  • Premium Subscription
  • Premium Anime Sources Unlocked
  • Receivers disabled
  • Analytics disabled
  • No forced update
  • Fixed a crash on launch on some Android emulators
  • Mod by hifi2007 reviews



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