Newest Movies HD v6.7 VIP Mod

newest movies an android app that was created by the same developer as the newest 3d movies Hd. When the apk is first launched it will default to the home section of the categorized list. The first thing we see is a list of movies and lots of them. The categories include movies, cartoons, and watchlists. In the settings, we are able to clear cache locally and database then we can clear out the watched list and clear the local history, and then we see an about section with the version number of the apk.NEWEST MOVIES

Features of Newest Movies HD

At the top menu, the apk has a search option also an option to download. When we click on a movie of our choice there is an info tab which is a brief summary of the movie. Next to the info tab is an episode tab this is where we will need to navigate to watch the movie and just above the summary is a report tab, which is a tap to report any movie links that may be down and not working. Once we choose the movie we will see a box pop up with the option to select the movie quality and depending on the movie it may vary in quality options. Most quality for this apk is up to 720p and as low as 480p but I have seen a quality up to 1080p it really does depend on the content we select.

Also in the popup box, there is a play, custom, and download, play we play the movie custom is so we can choose a player of our choice and download is an option to be able to download our selection. Check out my video review above for more information.


  • It has a massive library of movies.
  • Can select our own player via the pop-up box and using custom.
  • Able to download
  • you can choose quality options easily via the pop-up box.
  • A 1 click play movie apk.


  • Basic apk.
  • No trakt
  • No real debrid option.


If you would like to check out their Facebook page CLICK ME


Another great app for Movies is BeeTV if you haven’t done so check it out.

Mod Details

  • VIP Membership Unlocked
  • Not tested but should work on Android TVs too now.
  • Ads/Services/Receiver Disabled in manifest
  • youarefinished_



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