Xumo Play v4.3.28 Movies Phone Tablet MOD

XUMO is a legal streaming network app for free Live TV and on-demand Movies. The app provides over 1000 movie titles in every genre. They have old classics, thrillers, Comedy, and Drama and are all completly free to view. The app provides free Live TV that includes shopping channels such as QVC and HSN and Food channels, celebrities, and Gossip as well as entertainment where you can watch shows such as family feuds.

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Family Movies and Kids Shows For Everyone To Enjoy

XUMO has a good selection of free family movies and kid-friendly TV shows. Some of the + on-demand channels include Ameba, batteryPOP, Toon Goggles, and Cool School. Animated and live-action shows, engaging games, educational content, and kid-safe radio capture the interest and imagination of toddlers to tweens.

Keep Up To Date With FREE News

The app streams News networks such as NBC News, CBSN, Newsmax TV, Time, Bloomberg News, and USA Today. This keeps you up to date with the latest headlines and world news and can be watched 24/7.

Sports Channels Free

Watch highlights from over 25 sports channels to keep you updated with sports events around the globe. Channels include FOX Sports, PGA TOUR, Sports Illustrated, STADIUM, MMA Junkie and Nitro Circus, and others.

Comedy TV Channels Free

Xumo has more than 10 comedy channels to watch and includes shows like viral skits from Funny or Die and hysterical original content developed for the JASH channel by Tim & Eric, Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, and Reggie Watts.

Where Can I Watch XUMO?

At the moment XUMO is only available in the USA but if you want to watch then a VPN will need to be used and pointing it to the USA will allow you to stream the content and unlock Geo-restricted content.

How Does This Compare To Free Services Like Fawesome?

In my option, XUMO is not perfect and needs some work. The interface is not the best and at times it can be slow and lag. Sometimes noticed the app can crash and freeze-ups and when selecting a movie for eg, when i have finished watching, sometimes the back button refuses to work meaning i have to minimize the app and swipe close.


  • The app is free and is legal to use with some good content
  • The MOD version no more has ads or commercials
  • No need to signup or give out any information, just install and start enjoying the app


  • Very few settings to control anything such as bitrate, different external players,


For the original app and to support the developer it can be found HERE   from the playstore.If you are outside of the USA then you can choose my download links at the bottom of the page.

More Legal Services

For more legal service apps check out Fawesome this is a great app for 100% free content including Movies and TV shows

Mod Details

  • Receivers disabled
  • Ad breaks disabled for VOD
  • Lib folder removed
  • disabled analytics
  • Geo-restrictions unlocked
  • Please note live tv ads cannot be removed (server sided and comes from the stream itself)
  • Mod by hifi2007 reviews

Xumo.Play.ver.4.3.28.build.21355 Phone Tablet


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