Tubi apk v4.17.1 Movies & TV Shows Ads Free MOD

Tubi apk

Tubi apk Movies & TV Shows Premium MOD is an app to watch thousands of hit movies and TV series for free and is a 100% legal app to use. They offer unlimited streaming and no need to subscribe or use any payment cards etc. There is plenty on offer and will work in the USA. If you are outside of the USA you will need to use a VPN and point it to any location in the USA.

Tubi apk

What Is Tubi?

Tubi apk is one of the largest free streaming networks and offers many award-winning movies and tv shows. You can watch 100% free with no catches. The app has many HD TV Shows and plenty of Movies to binge-watch. The apk has plenty for all the family and even the kids are covered.


  • free HD shows and movies every week.
  • Chromecast or Airplay.
  • New Releases category.
  • Not On the Netflix category.
  • An ads-free option.


Tubi apk has been here for years and for a free and legal service it has a good range of things to watch. Sometimes it has things on offer that are not on paid services such as Netflix or other popular subscription video apps.  There is something for everybody from comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series.


  • Drama Genre
  • Comedy Genre
  • Action Genre
  • Horror Genre
  • Anime
  • Spanish Language
  • Korean Movies
  • Not on Netflix category


The apk allows you to watch on your main screen with Chromecast or Airplay streaming from your phone or tablet to a device such as the Nvidia shield.

Can I Download Videos?

At the moment there is no option to download any content from Tubi and the only way to watch is by playing the content directly while connected to a mobile or Internet service.

Is Tubi legal?

Yes, Tubi is a 100% legal free streaming service. The app can be installed for free and all the content is completely legal free to watch. There is no need for any credit card information.

How Can Tubi Be Free While Other Legal Services Charge?

Tubi provides a free service by having short ad breaks during the movies and TV shows and this pays the content providers. The providers include MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, Full Moon Pictures. The ad content pays those providers so you dont have to and this is why Tubi can provide a free service.

Who Owns Tubi?

Tubi is a 100% free American service that is ad support and owned by the Fox Corporation.


Check out the website HERE and check out the play store HERE. If you are happy with the original then feel free to choose this option. To be fair the original works very well and unlike similar services the ads are very reasonable.

If You Are In The EU

Tubi now blocks connections to the EU because of EU changes to the law they are required to do this. If you want to bypass this then the best thing to do is use a VPN and point it to a region in the USA. This should allow you to use the app again but might not accept you to log in or signup. Logging in or signing up is an option but for most of us, it is not even needed.


  • A big library of movies and shows for free.
  • Supports watchlists and parental control features.
  • Nice clean user-friendly interface.


  • Needs a VPN outside of the USA.
  • By default, there’s no ad-free option
  • Streams are limited to 720p

What’s New Changelog 4.17.1

  • Improve performance and fix bugs

Mod Details

  • Disabled signature verification using hook method (increases apk size)
  • Disabled Receivers and some services
  • Disabled Analytics
  • Disabled all calls from server-sided ad-breaks within the app
  • Permission prompt disabled (giving Android 11 Users better Support)
  • Anti Adaptive Icon support for FireCube Devices
  • Modded by hifi2007 reviews

Tubi v4.17.1 build 633 mod All In One Mod


Tubi v4.17.1 build 633 mod Anti Adaptive Icon support for FireCube 


Tubi v4.17.1 build 633 original