Shout! Factory TV Legal app v1.1.1.960

Shout! Factory TV is a premiere digital entertainment destination that brings you timeless and contemporary cult favorites for pop culture fans. With a uniquely curated entertainment library, the channel offers an unrivaled blend of cult TV shows, movies, comedy, original specials, and more. Shout Factory TV offers a lot of variety of TV shows and movies starting from the’50s and upwards. You are able to watch your favorite TV shows or movies on your computer via a browser, phone, or tablet and devices like the firetv, firestick, Nvidia shield, and more.

Shout! Factory TV

What does it have?

First off the app is 100% free and legal to use and is ad-supported so they can offer a library of content free to the viewer. Shout! Factory TV seems like a decent app that has a good collection of  Movies and Tv shows that can be watched on many devices including amazon, phones, and tablets. They also have a website to watch the content via a browser.

No sign-ups or memberships are required

There is no need to have credit cards or sign up for anything to start watching the content. It’s just as simple as installing the app and start enjoying the content 100% free. You can browse easily through all the TV shows and movies to see what is available. The app has a search so you can find a specific title. The app has original videos and behind-the-scenes features as well as live streaming events, such as Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathons and a remastered, series of Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Website of Shout! Factory TV

If you would like to use the browser version via the website click Shout! Factory TV will allow you to watch the same content on your personal computers.

Playstore version

The store version can be found by clicking on Shout! Factory TV will take you directly to the playstore link.

Alternative app

sony crackle is another fantastic legal service to stream movies and tv shows for free. They offer tv series such as Hell’s kitchen and kitchen nightmares.

How do i activate the Android TV with the Nvidia Sheild?

  1. After you have installed Shout! Factory TV minimizes the app.
  2. On the top row of the shield, you will see a list of other pinned apps and your favorites.
  3. Go to the end of the list and you will see a big + click it then find Shout! Factory TV.
  4. After you find Shout! Factory TV you can then (add the app to favorites) by clicking it.
  5. All should be good now and you can now launch the app from your pinned apps, Enjoy

Mod Details Android TV FireTV Firestick Nvidia Sheild

  • Patched ads
  • Analytics disabled
  • Bypassed the amazon store/license check
  • Should work on most non-amazon tv devices
  • *Extras by Spydog:
  • Better splash screen
  • TV mod now has a banner
  • Better clear seeable logos

Mod Details phone/tablet

  • Analytics disabled
  • Patched ads
  • Some permissions and services removed
  • Mod by hifi 2007 reviews

Shout! Android tv FireTV/Firestick/NVidia shield


Shout! Factory TV Legal app v1.0.1.3473 phone/tablet


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