Smart Clean Free Junk Cleaner v1.20.1 MOD

Smart Clean Free Junk Cleaner is the most powerful junk (Unwanted Files) cleaner ever made on android. Files and folders which are automatically created with time will be removed with ease.Smart Clean Free Junk Cleaner

Log Files

You can remove log files and folders from every location.

Cache Files

The app allows you to remove caches without removing your important files.

Temporary Files

Removes temporary files and folders which sometimes don’t always get deleted by apps and result in storage consumption.

Duplicate Files

This option lets you scan cloned files very fast without removing original files from Duplicates.

Blacklist Files

Removes all the files which are present in Blacklist.

Blacklisted File Extensions

Removes all those files which have blacklisted extensions. I.e. whose extensions are present in Extensions Blacklist. Simply insert those extensions in “Blacklist Extensions” separated by commas without including a period.

Hidden Files

Removes files and folders that are hidden from users (which are started with a period). Make sure to add important hidden files and folders into the whitelist to prevent them from deleting at the time of the scan.

Unnecessary Big Files

Remove all large files without fear of losing your favorite movies and music, apk, and many more important big files.

Empty Files

Removes all empty files. I.e. Files that don’t have any contents in them.

Empty Folder

Removes all the folders which are empty.

Whitelist Files/Folders

This feature is developed to save some of those files or folders which are important to the user but occur in the category of logs, cache, hidden, unnecessary large files, etc.
Simply put those files/folders into a white list and this will not be going to scan those folders/files.

Data Backup And Restore

Back up all the data of Smart Clean including blacklist, whitelist, and preferences data.

Play Store

If you would like to download from the play store click ME. This can be useful because it can help support the developer.

Mod Details

  • Pro unlocked
  • mod by hifi2007 reviews

Smart Clean Free Junk Cleaner Log Cache Duplicate v1.20.1 [Pro]


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