SexTo apk v1.31 Adult 18+Movie App Mod

SexTo +Adult is an app for Android that has adult +18 content that can be watched on many devices. You can watch it easily and it is very easy to navigate and is a user-friendly application. It is easy to browse through all the video content and you are able to watch just by clicking the image and then clicking the WATCH NOW button, after this, the quality can be selected.

18+ app

Features of SexTo

  • 100% simple and free to use
  • No ads in the modded version
  • Works on phones and tablets
  • Good list of Movies
  • The app has a search button
  • A very basic app that works
  • Very small footprint,the app is less than 2 MB in size and is blazing fast
  • Secure and private by restricting access to the SexTo application by setting the passcode. No browser history to erase

Is sexto free to use?

YES, You can enjoy your favorite videos without paying anything just install the app and start to enjoy the content instantly.

How many videos does the app have?

The app has a massive library of content with over 80000+ videos and kept updated daily

What devices can I watch sexto on?

The app is optimized for mobile cell phones and tablets but may work on some Android boxes with mouse toggle enabled

Do I Need An Account To Use SexTo +18 for android?

Nope, there is currently no need to signup or log in to view the content of the app but if you wish to make a comment then you will need to have an account.

Is It Possible to Download it From The App?

I see a Download button and clicked it and the content started downloading, so for me, the answer is YES.

Can I Use A Password To Hide My Activities?

Yes, if you visit the settings of the app you are able to set a password to protect your activities.

Is It Possible To Use My Own Player Of Choice?

No not as of yet, but to be fair the built-in player works rather well and i have no issues with the quality on smaller screens.

Does sexto have a search button?

YES, the app has a built-in search to find the content easily, also when scrolling the content of the app more videos will appear until the end of the search results.

How to Install?

Go to the Settings on your device
Enter the “Security” section
Tick the “Unknown sources” checkbox
Open the downloaded apk file and confirm the installation
Works on Android 4.0 and newer

Alternative to SexTo 

EroFlix Apk is another +18 but they focus on older classic films and erotic movies. The interface is not the best but performs rather fast and is a 1 click play app.

Original version

Download the original app can be downloaded from their official website here this helps support the original authors of the app so they can continue to provide a service

RE Mod Details

  • Link ads removed
  • Optimized images for faster load
  • Disabled popup ads
  • Debug info removed
  • Fixed Mod now fixes issues with versions above android 11 where when scrolling  the app would crash
  • Mod by hifi2007 reviews mod fixed


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