SAP (Split APKs Packer) v6.9.11

SAP (Split APKs Packer) is a nice and simple and fast tool to transform Android App Bundles into single Android Packages. The app was created by the developer KirIif’ and provides a much quicker way to rebuild the app by converting and rebuilding the .apks, .xapk, .zip, and .apkm extensions into a useful apk file to install on your android devices.

This can be done manually on some apks but it can be time-consuming, SAP (Split APKs Packer) does all the work for you saving so much time and effort without all the stress and hassle it takes.

Split APKs Packer


SAP is a portable application all the files present in its folder are necessary for it to function. The app has two versions available

  • for Windows OS
  • for Linux-based OS.

Select button

Allows to customize the project by selecting the wanted split packages:- multi-selection and selection of several ranges of items are possible with the CTRL key and mouse.

Workers button

Spinner defines the number of concurrent threads to be created for decodings:- the maximum number is defined by the number of CPUs.

Sign button

Checkbox allows the resulting APK to be zip-aligned and signed by a debug key by default. A custom key can be imported thanks to the Keystore button. An obfuscated config file is created that contains the parent directory of the last project and the few settings used.
It is updated when a custom Keystore is imported and when the app is exited.

Keystore button

Build folder

A log file is created inside the project folder, it is then moved into the build folder at the end of the successful process.

Start button

The Start button will launch the process of split package decoding. During the decoding process, the Start button is changed to Cancel which allows for an abandonment of the project.

SAP works on decoded files
– finally, it tries to build a single package.SAP tool allows the merging of new split packages with an already SAP repacked APK.

How Does the app work?

SAP uses Apktool to decode the resources of the files included in the bundle to be processed. Then it merges all these files into the base package folder before adjusting and correcting them. Apktool is used to build the single package, Uber-APK-Signer for zipAlign/sign processes.SAP doesn’t work on dynamic features but configuration modules only.

Requirements for the app to work

  • The two fonts provided must be installed.
  • JRE/OpenJDK 1.8 or above; Java binaries folder must be present in the system PATH.
  • GLIBC 2.31+ required on Linux

Split APKs Packer

To Create a Project

with the Directory button choose the folder that contains the split packages to merge.
SAP will work inside.
with the Archive button to choose a ZIP archive (.apks, .xapk, .zip, .apkm).
SAP will extract its content in a new folder next to it (archive_name_SAP_Project) and work inside.
SAP checks the validity of the bundle then the Select and Start buttons are enabled.
If the build succeeded the resulting APK will be found in the build folder inside the project directory with the log file.

Manual Mode

If the build failed, SAP switches to Manual Mode
the Start button is changed to Build, and allows you to retry after manual changes.
Most of the failures are due to not well-formed XML files. Apktool warnings in the log file will help to create fix(es).
The failed project can be abandoned and reopened later.
If the project consists of a single file that is already an SAP repacking, it is automatically decoded.
SAP then switches to Manual Mode to allow modding.


  •  Feel free to manually import the « config » file from your previous version.
  • About Linux users, Don’t forget to give the « x » permission to the « sap » binary!
  • On older systems, the « sap » binary is not recognized as an executable but as a shared library.
  • To help, I’ve added a launcher (.desktop file) that needs to be adjusted with the executable path and the icon path.
  • Alternatively, it can be launched from a terminal or you can create your own launcher script.

Credits to

  1. Connor Tumbleson & Ryszard Wisniewski for Apktool:
  2. Patrick Favre-Bulle for Uber Apk Signer:
  3. Souradip Mookerjee for unapkm:
  4. Kay Hayen and Nuitka Organization for Nuitka:
  5. Markus Oberhumer, Laszlo Molnar & John Reiser for UPX:

App details v6.9.10

  • Split APKs Packer
  • Designed and coded by Kirlif’
  • Compiled on 13/November/2022
  • Bug Fixes
  • Apktool updated to 2.6.2-07d15e-SNAPSHOT

Would You Like to split it by yourself without using SAP (Split APKs Packer)?

if so follow the instructions below, Please note this might take some time and practice and will more and likely run into some issues at first.

2 split APKs (base APK + config.architecture APK)

  • First of all, decompile the base APK.
  • Add the lib folder of the config. arch APK to the decompiled base APK.
  • In the decompiled base APK find and open the AndroidManifest.xml and remove the line android:isSplitRequired=”true”.
  • The last thing is to Compile the base APK, sign it or make it unsigned with the META-INF of the base APK.

4 split APKs (base APK + config.arch APK + config.mdpi APK + config.random APK

  • First of all, decompile the base APK.
  • Then decompile all of the other split APKs that are left.
  • Put all files of the split APKs into the base APK but do not override the files (put them in with the others)
  • In the decompiled base APK find and open the AndroidManifest.xml and remove the line android:isSplitRequired=”true”.
  • Open the apktool.yml and add in the doNotCompress tag of the base.apk everything you have in the other split APKs
  • Check the .xml files in the APK/res/value folder in all the split APKs and add what’s missing inside that files from the other split APKs to the base APK .xml files.
  • The last thing is to Compile the base APK, sign it or make it unsigned with the META-INF of the base APK.

Split_APKs_Packer_v6.9.11_Windows 64


Split_APKs_Packer_v6.9.11_L64 Linux


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