Nox App Player android emulator v7.0.5.9

Nox App Player is an Android emulator that lets you use almost any of this operating system’s apps from the comfort of your own computer. We’re talking about apps of the caliber of Clash of Clans, Instagram, Subway Surfers, Kitchen Stories, or Tube mate. I have used nox player for some time now and I find it works very well on windows 64 machines with good speeds. With the latest version, we can also add android 7.

Nox App Player Android

Nox App Player Is Fast and reliable

With the cutting-edge engine, it brings you a gameplay experience that will beat your mobile phones. With leading technology based on Android 4.4.2 & 5.1.1,7.0 compatible with X86/AMD, it’s stable, fast, and reliable.

Operating system

Nox App Player’s operating system is based on Android 4.4.2, which will let you use practically any app within Android’s extensive catalog. Additionally, this version is possibly one of the most used and widespread so it will surely be very familiar to almost all users. Nox has options to upgrade to android 5 and also android 7.

Main strengths

One of Nox App Player’s main strengths is its external configuration options. The most remarkable one lets you ‘root’ the emulator. Once this is done, you can drag content like photos or AP Ks directly into the emulator window. In other words, transferring a photo from the computer to the emulator (or vice versa) is as simple as dragging and dropping the file.

Feature Of Nox App Player

Another interesting feature is the possibility to customize the controls. When launching an app, you can create custom controls in a very simple and intuitive way. In less than a minute, you can configure the keyboard to adapt to ANY Android game. You’ll even find options especially designed for shoot ’em ups.


Nox App Player is a powerful Android emulator for Windows that will let you enjoy thousands of interesting apps available for the most used and widespread smartphone operating system in the world.


  • A simple interface makes this app easy to use
  • Intuitive keyboard mapping for the app and game controls
  • Support for multiple control devices
  • Stable and reliable


Sluggish installation process

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The nox download can be found on the official website Here or use my direct link from their site below.



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