IPTV Smarters Player Windows v3.0.0 App

IPTV-Smarters-Player is probably the best application to use with your IPTV subscription service. The app is developed by Whmcs Smarters and supports clients using Xtream Codes IPTV Services.


Windows Version

With the windows version, we now can view channels in full-screen playback, and if your service supports VOD we have easy access to watch moviesĀ and TV shows Section.

Smarters other supported versions

They have support for Android devices, Apple, and now Windows.

Electronic Program Guide

The great thing about the Windows version unlike the Android version is the EPG will update automatically without no user interaction. This is a good feature.

Your IPTV Service

If your TV Service Provider uses the Xtream Codes Panel then you will need to Enter Your Username, and then your Password and Server address with the correct port. If you are unsure of these then you will need to contact the service you bought from.

Android Version of IPTV-Smarters-Player

If you would like to use the Android version it can be found HERE. This version will support Android TV, Fire TV, and Android phones and Tablets.

Custom App

They also have a service for a custom app to be made for all platforms. If you want more info click HERE.

IPTV-Smarters-Player-Setup-3.0.0 Windows


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