Mint Browser Apk Lite, Fast Web, Safe, v3.9.3

Mint Browser apk is a great web browser that works for Android phones and offers fantastic speed, privacy, and security all in one single tiny apk package.

Mint Browser Apk Lite, Fast Web, Safe

Key features

  • Very small-sized apk.
  • Fast launch speed.
  • User-friendly and easy to find anything.
  • You are able to voice search and can be used hands-free.
  • We can save on data using this browser.
  • It offers incognito and Reading modes.

About Mint Browser

Mint Browser apk is developed by a team called Xiaomi and can be used on many Android devices.  If you have any problems or need to ask them a question while using the apk you can contact them via email [email protected] and I’m sure they will respond with any concerns or questions you might have.

Mint Browser


They added an address bar and toolbar and now can be hidden automatically. The ad blocking has improved too which makes it more effective. With each update, the apk seems to be getting much better with many of the bugs resolved. The apk can be downloaded from the play store and is 100% ad-free. Check it out you might like this one. The play store link is HERE.

What’s New

  • v3.9.3
  • You can translate web pages.
  • We fixed some bugs as well.

Mint Browser – Video download, Fast, Light, Secure_3.9.3


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