Kraken TV World IPTV Apk MOD v1.5.4

Kraken TV Apk

Kraken TV offers live tv channels from America Spain Mexico Venezuela, Peru, and Uruguay, and others like the UK, India, Australia, This app is very easy to use and is a click and play apk and as soon as we find our channel just click the channel and if it is working it will stream instantly. We can also search for our channel on the top right-hand side of the apk which makes it a little easier. This apk also has Movies that can be found on the side menu.


  • 100% free to use the app.
  • Can use the built-in player or use an external player of your choice.
  • Thousands of Live TV channels from different parts of the world.
  • Supports many phones, tablets, and boxes and will work on emulators such as Nox, Bluckstacks
  • When visiting the menu of the app, it has some direct Movies to watch including, Bollywood, Hollywood, Web Series, and more.


Bookmark Your Channel

It also has an option to bookmark and if you long-press then you can add it as a favorite. The apk also does offer a premium section of channels which includes, Sports channels, Kids channels, Documenty, and much more.


The app’s default player works well most of the time and will work for many of us without issues, but if you find any problems doing this, it’s possible to choose external players to choose from including the most popular ones like The MxPlayer or The Wuffy player.

How Can Kraken TV Have A Service For Free?

It’s possible because the app itself dont own any of the content it provides. The channels can be found within the web and took from other 3rd party companies. The original version will provide advertisements to pay for server costs and the developer’s time.

Is It Legal To Watch Live TV?

Watching a stream even if you are not unauthorized to do so by the copyright holder does and will not violate any rights and watching unlicensed content should not incur any copyright liability if you are doing it in the comfort of your own home and/or is not making any backup copies of the content.


To install Kraken TV first download the file then locate the settings of your device and visit security. Once we are there enable unknown sources then go back and install the app.

Original Source

I found the original file from HERE please note this version comes with lots of ads but if you want to support the app then this is a good way to do it.

Please Note

In the past, Kraken TV used to be a Spanish app only but just recently updated with world TV channels. To me looking in the code it is clear that this has some code from swift streamz apk and seems to be a clone. The color of the older versions does now match with this current version but everything looks the same to me. I will leave it to you to decide if you want to use this version or the swift streamz version.

Mod Details

  • Removed ads
  • Some permissions and Services were reduced dramatically
  • file size cut in half compared to the original
  • Analytics disabled
  • Mod by hifi 2007 reviews

Kraken.TV.v.1.5.4 [Ad Free] mod by hifi 2007 reviews