Jizztagram v1.0.8 Adult 18+Movie App Mod

Jizztagram Apk is an adult app for streaming content that has been scraped from the World Wide Web. It is straightforward to use and navigate. You can use the app, which is 100% free of charge.


The Apk has a full lean back to allow you to watch your favorite adult content from the internet straight onto your TV screens.


Sometimes this can vary but they will provide the best possible quality available at the time and this can include HD and 4K links. They do the scraping from other websites so have no direct control of any links.


All of the content is hosted from other websites across the web. This basically means the apk itself doesn’t host anything within the app.

What Devices Can I Use This On?

Jizztagram can be installed on many devices such as phones, Tablets, and Boxes. At the moment this version is for Android TV and will work well with devices like Amazon firetv without the need for a mouse toggle.

Features Of Jizztagram Apk

  • Scroll to the bottom of the app there is an option for external player support.
  • Built for Android TV and works very fast indeed.
  • Phones and tablet versions will be supported soon.


You must confirm that you are 18 years old to use the app. If you are not then the app will close on you.

Jizztagram Apk

Does Jizztagram have its own website?

NO, the app used to have a website but it has been gone for a while now the good news is the app still works fine.

What devices does Jizztagram support?

Jizztagram supports Android devices and has Two versions of the app 1 for mobile devices and the other version for Android TV, BOXES,FIRE TV,

Where is the content hosted from?

It’s hosted by xvideos website and has thousands of videos to watch for free without ads.

How do I search for the content within Jizztagram?

The app provides a search button built in via both versions of the app for mobile devices and Android TV boxes.

Does Jizztagram have pin protection?

YES, the app provides a way to password protect the app by visiting the settings and choosing Enable app pin.

Does the app have its own player?

Yes, Jizztagram has internal player support but also provides a way to use your own player by visiting the settings and choosing Always Ask.

Alternative App

I have some more adult apps on this site, do a quick search. i suggest you try out streamer-tv-for-android-18-aio-streamer-adult. This app has two versions, so it has support for phones and tablets. and now Android TV devices and connects to more than 50 popular websites.

RE Mod Details

  • Record audio was removed
  • Location/GPS removed
  • arm and x86 support
  • analytics disabled
  • No Forced Update
  • moneytiser services removed
  • Proxy3 service removed
  • FIXED Google Play protect warnings and false positives
  • FIXED version number mistake from the developer on the mobile version
  • FIXED Adusted SDK to install on devices past Android 11
  • FIXED search on Android TV devices
  • FIXED crash on the mobile version for Android 9
  • Modded by hifi 2007 reviews.

Jizztagram.ver.1.0.8.build.108 android tv,firetv, firesticks, boxes


Jizztagram.ver.1.0.8.build.107 phones tablets


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