Mouse Toggle Android TV Fire Sticks

Mouse Toggle

Mouse Toggle is an android apk that lets you use your regular remote as a mouse. This is a mouse pointer mode to the remote control for Android TV. The original remote control is needed to work with this software otherwise it won’t work. The apk won’t work with any gamepads. The apk will work just like a regular mouse that can click and long click, and also drag. and it is simple to navigate between regular remote and other modes.

Some Android apps are only for use with touch screen devices and might not work with controlled TV device. This stops people that own some boxes or fire tv sticks to use many great apks the biggest reason why you can’t use such apps is that they are not always compatible with some boxes and amazon tv /stick remotes. This apk software should hopefully help you with this problem. Check it out and see if it works for you.

Works with Android TV devices.

  1.  Will work with the original or stock remote only.
  2. Gamepads will not work with this software


Supported devicesMouse Toggle

The NVIDIA Shield TV will work with this software including the 2017 version. The Nexus Player and Mi Box are also supported by this software.

Play store

If you would like to visit the play store for the Android tv version CLICK HERE but looking at the reviews it doesn’t seem so positive and i wouldn’t pay for it with such bad ratings. If you want to try before you consider buying check out my download links below.



Mouse Toggle for Fire TV v1.12 [Patched]


mouse toggle 1.11 firestick 1 and 2 gen


mouse toggle 1.06 firestick 3 and 4 gen