DNA Launcher iOS Minimalism v2.9.9.75 [Pro]

DNA Launcher iOS Minimalism is a flexible multi-style home-screen replacement, which helps personalize your home screen with many configurations.


Customize layout, icon packs, icon shape, icon size, label size, wallpaper, or app icons. Your launcher should be as unique as your DNA, come on to DNA your launcher.

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Smart Search

Start app from Suggestions, or search apps and contacts here.
Support voice assistant, recent results, and search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Baidu, etc).

App Navigation

DNA Launcher provides an App Drawer and App Library to help you instantly access all your apps.
As a traditional alphabetic-indexing user interface, App Drawer presents apps in many forms(only icons or labels, both vertically/horizontally) depending on your preference.
Not in the mood to use App Drawer? Use App Library instead, which organizes apps by category and sorts apps automatically by frequency of use.

Ultra Gesture

Not in the mood to use either App Drawer or App Library? Okee, it’s a piece of cake for DNA Launcher.
There are many custom gesture actions like double-tap, swiping down/up/left/right, and corresponding events(including opening App Drawer/App Library, etc) for you to pick up in the launcher settings.

Effects and animations

Blurring Dock in real-time. (No worry about performance impacts and memory consumption, it is achieved in the most efficient way in the universe.)
Sleek folder opening animation as iOS does.
App start/close animation.
Day/Night Mode.

Helpful Tips

  • Edit home screen: Long press and drag an icon, before dropping it, you can use another finger to click other icons or widgets to edit them together.
  • Hiding pages: Tinder on the home page? Hmm, just hide the page for good by long-clicking the scroll bar if you’re not single, but I suggest you to be honest and loyal.
  • Switch launcher style: Select your favorite style to apply in launcher settings.
  • Lock screen: Double-tap(or other gestures you like) to lock your phone in a jiffy, for free always and forever.
  • Protect privacy: lock the secret apps, folders, or a folder in a folder.



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