AIO Streamer Adult Android TV Fire TV v6.2.0

AIO Streamer +Adult connects to over 60 well-known websites to provide the best possible sources that have multiple links. The app is super easy to use is very user-friendly and offers tons of adult sites in 1 application.AIO Streamer

Features Of AIO Streamer

  • Stream and download content.
  • The app has a Download Manager to download your favorite content when you wish.
  • You can preview the video by tapping on the image.
  • The app can stream from all types of quality depending on the website you choose 360p/480p/720p/1080p/4K.
  • You can hide websites that dont work for you or that you dont like.

How to download a video from within the app?

In the player you will see a download button, simply click it. You can also just hold and click on the video image.

Is an account required to use the app?

At the moment there’s no need to set up an account or have to register to use the application.

Can I Use A Password To Hide My Activities?

In the settings of the app, you will find Pin-Lock and you are able to activate it. The Pin-Lock by default uses the 1234 password. Change it to something that is not easily guessed.

Can I Use My Own Player Instead?

Yes, it’s possible by visiting the settings of the app and enabling the use of an external player. Once this is active you can then play the content with the player of your choice.

Alternative Adult Content

EroFlix Apk has been around for some time now and provides you with classic adult content. It is a 1 click play and is very simple to use.

Current Version: 2.3 (06.11.2022)

  • NEW in update: ZillaStream Hoster for several sites
  • StartPage, Favorites, History, and Internal Download Manager got a layout update
  • NSFWSwipe got much better navigation and you can like videos now!
  • The phone and tablet versions got an update too!
  • “Earn Tokens” -> Changed rate from 7 Coins per Ad to 12 Coins per Ad! -> Check the “Earn Tokens” Tab

Want To Use AIO Streamer On Your Cell Phone And Tablet?

Aio streamer can be installed on phones and tablets too. If you are interested then visit my page HERE and have it installed across all your Android devices.




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