EroFlix APK v8.9 Latest Version 2023 Mod

EroFlix is a movie app for Android. You will have access immediately to a large number of classic videos ((+18)). Just install EroFlix and voila. It is possible to watch thousands of HDmovies available to view online with the ease of one’s smartphone or some other Android devices.


Streaming app for vintage erotic Classic movies

and another interesting thing is that the App is improved to eliminate all annoying advertising and marketing. You can find movies without danger. All of the productions and videos in this apk are older classics. You’ll find titles in the 60s towards the nineties and some 2000,s, which means the resolution with the videos isn’t the greatest, nevertheless, you can see quite nicely.

This App Is For Grownups (18+)

I want to you understand that this App is for grownups (18+), I’m not in charge of the misuse of the apk. If you want to watch some classics of days gone by, you should certainly try this online streaming movie App to view movies for parents, and on top of that FREE !!!

Is It Possible To Download Content from Eroflix?

Yes, it can be done with an external download manager like ES Downloader which is part of ES File Explorer, simply choose the OPEN WITH option and select ES Downloader and it will begin to download.

Does The App Work On All Android Devices?

No, it doesn’t, I’ve known people to say that it won’t install on some later versions of Android versions. Hopefully, with a later version, the developer will fix this so everyone can enjoy this app.

Hamburger Menu

The menu provides a very simple layout to view the app’s categories, these include, Newest, Featured, HD +18, then the years, from the 70s,80s,90s, and 2000s. The countries included are the USA, France, Germany, and Italy.

What Genres Does The App Provide?

So far the app only has 6 genres and this includes, including Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Romance, SciFi, and Thriller this can be seen via the hamburger menu and then added search bar which makes it so much easier to find what we are looking for.


  • The app works pretty fast and with the built-in search, it is easy to find content.
  • It’s the only app i know to just have Classic +18 in 1 easy-to-use application.
  • You can download the content with an external downloader app.
  • The app has an official website and this normally is a good sign that the app has been here for some time yet.


  • It doesn’t want to work on some Android devices.
  • The apk doesn’t have a settings menu so not much to control but maybe this is good for some users.

How To Install EroFlix Apk

The first thing you need to do is download the apk file using the provided links. The next step is to go to settings and security. You then need to locate and enable unknown sources on your Android device. Install the movie app for Android on your device. Finally, Open the app to watch the adult app.


If you would like to support the developer and don’t mind ads click HERE. This will keep the developer motivated to continue this project. If you don’t wish to do this, feel free to use my downloads below.

Alternative App

I have some more similar apps on my website but the 1 i suggest that can connect to more than 50 websites within the app is AIO Streamer. This app has two versions, so it has support for phones and tablets. and now Android tv devices.

EroFlix is a BROWSER, customized and preconfigured to fetch and index erotic, explicit, and softcore cinema and video movies from the 70s till recent times with their respective valid best quality streams to stream or download using your favorite app on your Android mobile device for Free.

what’s new Released date May 10 2023

  • Added new classic collection in classic +
  • Fixed posters not showing for some users
  • Updated movie player with fast forward and rewind options added
  • Fixed and replaced nonworking servers

Firestick Users:

  • Enable Mouse Toggle To Scroll/Select
  • Disable Mouse To Type In Keyboard
  • Disable Mouse Toggle To Go Back & Exit the App

OnnBox/AndroidTV Mouse Users:

  • Put In Mouse Mode Just To Use Cursor/Select
  • Disable Mouse To Type In Keyboard
  • Put In Scroll Mode Enabled To Scroll If Needed
  • Put In Mouse Mode Or D-Pad Mode To Go Back & To Exit the App

Mod Details By Hifi2007

  • The promotion banner game ad removed
  • Google banner ads removed
  • Google popup ads removed
  • Analytics/Receivers disabled
  • Optimized/cleaned resources for faster load
  • Android 13 supported Phone Tablet mod by hifi2007


Eroflix AF 8.9 build.89 CustomMobile mod by Spydog


Eroflix AF 8.9 build.89 CustomFiresticksAndroidTv mod by Spydog


Eroflix AF 8.9 build.89 CustomGoogleTvDevices mod by Spydog


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