VLLO My First Video Editor v9.1.0 MOD

VLLO is an Easy and Powerful Video editing app that provides all the features you need. Over 1,000 items are ready to add an aesthetic mood to your video. You can easily edit your video on the go and upload it to Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. A perfect editor for a Vlogger is enough to be recognized by over 100K App Store feedbacks with a 4.8-star point. There was an app name change from Vimo to VLLO.

VLLO - Easy and Powerful Video editing

Edit Your Video With Easy

  •  Trim, Zoom, rotate, flip, and reorder your photo and video with your fingertips.
  •  More than 20 transitions are ready.
  •  Choose from over 20 video filters to add a cinematic touch.
  •  Speed up or put it in Slo-Mo.
  •  Personalize your story with awesome text overlays and titles.
  •  Add aesthetic mood with cute stickers and animations.
  •  You can add another image to the video(PIP).

Add Professional Touch With Sound

  •  Color your video with over 40 soundtracks or add your flavor by importing one from your phone.
  •  Add your own voiceover with one click.
  •  Play with over 70 sound effects.
  •  Volume up/down, mute and audio fade in/out.

Save And Share Your Video

  •  Save video in light SD or up to the bright UHD-4K.
  •  Projects are auto-saved as drafts and VLLO will keep them till you have done them.
  •  Share on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook built right in.


  • Video editing: Supports Resizing, Splitting, Trimming, Duplicating, Cutting, and Speed control of video clips.
  • Audio editing: Supports multi-track audio. Supports Background music, Sound effects, fade-in/out effects, and more.
  • Aspect Ratio control: Supports a range of pre-defined aspect ratios – 1:1, 16:9, 9:16You can also the whole video to fit into the aspect ratio of the first frame.
  • Motion Stickers: Provides 700+ motion stickers. You can easily control the path of a motion sticker as you want.
  • Motion Texts:60+ Animated text labels whose path can be easily controlled.
  • Video Resolution: VLLO supports up to 4K video resolution (3840×2160 pixels).

Video Editing Features

  •  Controlling Aspect Ratio.
  •  Resizing, Splitting, Cutting, Trimming, and Duplication of video clips.
  •  Controlling the speed of video clips.
  •  Transition animations between video clips.
  •  Flipping and Rotating video clips.

Audio Editing Features

  •  Vimo provides lots of background music (including downloadable assets).
  •  You can import music from your cell phone into “my music”.
  •  Lots of free sound effects are included.

VLLO Powerful Video editing

Motion Stickers And Texts

  •  All the stickers and labels are tagged and categorized for easier access.
  •  Supports many customization options: resizing, flipping, rotation, colors, duration, and more.
  •  You can easily edit the path of a motion sticker as you want.

 Transition Function

  •  You can use basic transitions such as dissolve, slide, wipe, and fade.
  •  You can use graphic transitions to create brilliant videos.

Exporting And Sharing

  • Vimo supports up to 4K (3840×2160) resolution video.
  • You can share the video directly with SNS.

More Info

  • All videos you edit are automatically saved in ‘My Project
  • Unlimited undo/redo function allows easy restoration/re-application
  • You can preview the video you are working on in fullscreen
  • There is a grid so you can check the ratio within the video more easily
  • Automatic position setting according to the grid is possible with the magnetic function
  • No watermark left even if you do not pay

Google Play Store

This video editing software can be found in the Play Store HERE, feel free to support them if you enjoy using this app.


For more video editing apps check out VivaCut.The apk lets you edit videos for Instagram and youtube. You can cut and even combine clips as well as use stickers and filters.

What’s New v9.1.0

  • New contents
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug fixes

Mod Info

  • Paid features unlocked.
  • App’s analytics is disabled.
  • FirebaseAnalytics disabled.
  • Unnecessary receivers/activities/alarms/permissions/metadata etc removed from the manifest.
  • Mod by youarefinished



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