TVTap Pro Live TV v2.8 Phones Tablets MOD

TVTap Pro allows us to watch IPTV channels/shows on our Android phones free of charge. It provides an HD experience to watch live TV channels including shows, movies, or sports on your Android phone or TV. Don’t miss your favorite show.

TVTap Pro

TVTap Pro Graceful Design

TVTap’s design is very stylish & graceful. It will help you to use the app efficiently.


Easy to bookmark your channel. It is easy to play your favorite channel now.

External Players

TVTap provides streams on different players. You can watch the stream on your player.

Chrome Casting

Push streams to your TV directly through the Google chrome cast device.


TVTap is compatible with all kinds of Android phones & tablets.

More Info

nowadays, users of live television apps are growing a lot. particularly, the users of the United States are getting excited to take a look at films, TV shows, sports activities, and live television channels. Of course, we have many Android apps for presenting the television channels for us like REDBOX, Mobdro, Live Lounge, and so on. however, there may be no particular Android app for United States clients. The APK has many channels like entertainment, films, songs, news, sports activities,& greater.

Capabilities Of  TVTap Pro

  • Watch all of u.s. of us TV channels in HD.
  • Similarly, you could view the TV channels with the inbuilt Go player or with the external player.
  • Additionally, you can cast the  TVTap for your Android TV.
  • There are 9 lots of content with 500+ TV channels on the TVTap online TV app.
  • You can also view the TVTap apk with a grid view and list view.
  • TVTap apk has a nice layout, and it attracts customers fast.
  • Bookmark all of the TV channels quickly.

What devices does TVTap support?

TVTap works on phones and tablets that support Android devices, it may work on some boxes with the use of a mouse toggle

What player does TVTap support?

TVTap has its internal player and defaults to GO Player there’s also an option to switch to MX player


You can find the original download link on their website HERE this helps support the development and keeps him/her motivated to continue.

Mod Details

  • Mod Details
  • Ads patched
  • Luminati network disabled
  • Removed sponsored popup ad
  • Analytics / Crashlytics Disabled
  • Removed some permissions
  • Removed lots of proxy addresses
  • No Forced Update
  • fixed blank screen from an update request
  • updated version number
  • Receivers disabled
  • Mod by hifi2007 reviews

Not Working?

If the channels don’t play for any reason, it might be because you need a VPN pointing to the USA. Some ISPs are blocking iptv and might not work without a VPN. If a Vpn still doesn’t work then channels must be down. Ad-Free /Phones Tablets mod 


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