TNT Flash TV iptv apk v1.4.23 France MOD

TNT Flash TV offers over 80 plus iptv apk channels from France and is a great iptv app. It has a good mix of channels including, Sports, Entertainment, Comedy, Kids, Movies, and more. There is also a channel guide which works very well.

TNT Flash TV iptv apk


Features of the apk

  • Chromecast
  • Send iptv stream to TV
  • Settings for video quality
  • Chat
  • Fullscreen
  • Change format size
  • Favorite

How to change the quality of the video?

  1. On the Smartphone and Tablet, you can press the settings icon or press and hold and click on the video.
  2. For Android TV devices Just click on the down arrow on your remote control when the channel zap is no longer visible.

Why are M6 channels not available?

M6 group channels are not available for technical and copyright reasons.

What does the Pro version have?

The pro version makes it possible to remove the advertisements of the apk and gives the option for a new theme as well as offers a chatbox.

List of iptv channels on offer from the apk

  • TF1 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • France 2 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • France 3 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Canal + FR (Live TV Live TNT)
  • France 5 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • ARTE (Live TV Live TNT)
  • C8 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • TMC (Live TV Live TNT)
  • TFX (Live Live TV TNT)
  • NRJ 12 (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • LCP Public Senate (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • France 4 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • BFM TV (Live TV Live TNT)
  • CNEWS (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • CSTAR (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Gulli (Live TV Live TNT)
  • France O (Live Live TV TNT)
  • TF1 Series Movies (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Team 21 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • RMC Story (Live Live TV TNT)
  • RMC Discovery (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Honey 25 (Live TV Live TNT)
  • LCI (Live Live TV TNT)
  • FranceInfo (Live TV Live TNT)
  • France 24 (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • Euronews (Live TV Live TNT)
  • RT France (Live Live TV TNT)
  • CGTN (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • TV5 World (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • BFM Paris (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Azur TV (Live TV Live TNT)
  • 8 Mont-Blanc (Live TV Live TNT)
  • TV7 Bordeaux (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Alsace 20 (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • TL7 Saint-Etienne (Live TV Live TNT)
  • BIP TV (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Grand Lille TV (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Grand Littoral TV (Live TV Live TNT)
  • ViàLMtv (Live TV Live TNT)
  • The Normandy Channel (Live Live TV TNT)
  • Tebeo (Live TV Live TNT)
  • TébéSud (Live TV Live TNT)
  • Télénantes TV Nantes (Direct Live TV TNT)
  • TLC (Live Live TV TNT)
  • TV Tours (Live TV Live TNT)
  • TV Vendée (Live TV Live TNT)
  • TVPI (Live TV Live TNT)
  • ViàMirabelle (Live TV Live TNT)

TNT Flash TV iptv apk

What’s New

  • Ajout Chaines
  • Optimisation Grille Chaines
  • Ajout redirection vers application France TV / 6play
  • Retrait des chaines France TV a leur demanded
  • Qualite par default Android TV (720p)
  • Fix Bug Disparition bouton theme [Version PRO]
  • Ajout scroll automatique (bandeau ZAP)
  • Changement de qualite sur Android TV –> Fleche bas lorsque le ZAP est invisible
  • Portage Android TV
  • (Double Clic -> Force la vidéo à occuper la largeur écran)
  • Scroll côté droit de la vidéo => Ajustement volume

MOD Features

  • Ads removed/disabled.
  • Receivers disabled
  • Analytics disabled
  • Mod by hifi2007


TNT can be downloaded to your device via the playstore if you wish to do this check out the page HERE and if you like it why not rate it or comment that helps the developer load.


If you have any amazon products, the iptv apk can be found HERE some of the reviews are very mixed with some people having issues and others not.

Official Website

The official website can be found HERE this will help support the developer and keep you updated with the latest fixes and updates.


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