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The Spectator Australia on Android is a simple and elegant way to enjoy the oldest and best-written magazine in the English language. The Australian edition includes twelve pages of exclusive Aus content and the whole of The Spectator magazine.

The Spectator Australia

The Spectator Australia NEWS

  • Read every issue monthly before it goes on sale.
  • Download the magazine and read it offline or on the move.
  • Listen to Spectator podcasts.
  • Share articles via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Store and access your back issues or store individual articles in your personal scrapbook.
  • It’s a fantastic magazine.

The Spectator Australia NEWS

  • New and improved layouts on mobile and tablet
  • Easy view of the weekly magazine
  • Improved page load speed
  • The ability to view the app in dark mode

The Spectator was established in 1828 and is the best-written and most influential weekly in the English language. The writers have no party line their only allegiance is to the clarity of thought, the elegance of expression, and independence of opinion. The writers’ opinions range from left to right, their circumstances from high life to low life. None make any pretense at being impartial.

Issues of The Spectator Australia can be purchased for just $10.99. Alternatively, never miss an issue by choosing one of our auto-renew subscriptions:

  • $27.99 for a month’s subscription
  • $249.99 for an annual subscription

What’s new

Introducing the brand new Spectator Australia app – you spoke and we listened. We’ve made multiple improvements to everything from the look and feel of the app to its speed and navigation.
You’ll have an uninterrupted experience, whether you’re reading the magazine or our Flat White blog, online or off.


The Spectator Australia magazine can be shown on their official website @

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The app can be subscribed to by downing the official version The Spectator Australia and will support the development of the application.

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