Polaris Super Privacy Proxy v1.0.0 MOD

Polaris VPN is a great and fast unlimited VPN for Android phones, boxes, tablets, and other Android Devices. We can use secure WiFi hotspots, protect your privacy, and access all websites.

Polaris Super Privacy Proxy

Features of Polaris

  • The fastest VPN Server is recommended with this app.
  • 1 tap to select countries of choice.
  • It provides a secure WiFi hotspot.
  • It can unblock and speed up web browsing.
  • Access all websites and applications from around the world
  • Hide your IP and browse the webpage anonymously

The VPN offers locations across America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and will choose the best possible speeds depending on your location. Polaris gives you simple and fast access to your favorite content.

PRIVACY first. No logs, no monitoring

Your privacy is safe and keeps a strict 100% no-log privacy policy with NO tracking, NO monitoring, and NO data logs.

FREE VPN proxy service available

Polaris VPN provides free VPN servers as well by offering ads. Feel free to stay anonymous online with a free Polaris shielding your IP.


The optimized smart location gives your turbo fast connection speed. Get 3x faster VPN speed by one tap simply. Stay safe on public Wi-FI hotspots

DOUBLE ENCRYPTION to protect your online security

Polaris VPN military-level encryption hides your online activities from snoopers and hackers. Stay safe, private, and secure on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

STREAM in HD freely

Never miss any important sports lives, football games, or hot TV series again. Works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers

VIDEO CHAT optimized

Optimized for video chat and video calls. Enjoy fast video talk with friends via WhatsApp, IMO, Skype, Telegram, etc.


This is a high-speed VPN. It connects fast and without interruption or downtime.

Security and Privacy

The Polaris runs in the background and encrypts the data transmitted by all your apps, so you can stay safe whether you’re browsing shopping or streaming.

Access the Internet

When using a virtual private network VPN you can hide your IP address and your current location from prying eyes including your ISP. A VPN can help you to have access to any website that your ISP may restrict full access to. It can also help with censorship and bypass internet firewalls to a free and open world, you can access all your favorite content, including social networks, audio, and video streaming news, music, sports, and gaming everywhere.


A VPN can encrypt your data to protect your network and connection. No one will be able to access your internet traffic, you will not need to worry about being watched or tracked. While connecting to a VPN server, it also hides your real IP address and location, protects your privacy, and makes sure you are hidden.

Contact them

If you have any questions or have an idea to tell them you can contact them via email support [email protected]

Play store

To download the original apk file you can download HERE also check out other reviews on the Play Store

Polaris Super Privacy Proxy

Mod Details

  • Premium features unlocked
  • CPU Architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
  • Anti-Split
  • Ad Disabled
  • Languages: en



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