Pluto TV Apk Live TV VOD v5.17.1 Legal MOD

Pluto TV Apk is a 100% free and safe way to explore unique and exclusive channels covering movies, TV shows, true crime, sports, poker, news, entertainment, gaming, documentaries, adventure, comedy and so much more.

Pluto TV Apk

Free Movies And TV Shows

Pluto also has a massive library of content for VOD Video on demand which has more than 2000 movies and shows to enjoy in front of your TV or while you are out and about.

Some of the shows the apk offers are as follows

  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Forensic Files
  • World Poker Tour
  • Fear Factor
  • Ice Pilots
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s
  • Big Fish
  • Zodiac
  • Legally Blonde
  • The Big Short
  • and much more

Pluto TV has many different categories and hundreds of free  live channels some sections include

  • Pluto TV Movies
  • Pluto TV Drama
  • Ghost Dimension
  • Minecraft
  • Pluto TV Conspiracy
  • My5 Documentaries
  • My5 Crime
  • Pluto TV Kids
  • Pluto TV Crime
  • FailArmy
  • World Poker Tour
  • Pluto TV Sports
  • Pluto TV Food
  • Pluto TV Retro Toons
  • IGN
  • World Poker Tour
  • Ice Pilots

If You Are In The USA Or Use A Vpn Pointed To The USA You Can

Get up-to-the-minute headlines from major news outlets including CNN, NBC News, CBSN, and TODAY. You can even access local coverage from CBSN New York and CBSN Los Angeles. Relive iconic moments and classic games with a 24/7 NFL Channel, and don’t miss a minute of the biggest sports action with Fox Sports, MLS, and more. Plus, live sports are at your fingertips from beIN Sports Xtra and Big Sky.

VPN may be Required For A different Channel Lineup

Depending on where you live Pluto TV has different channels and shows for your area for eg if you are in the USA some of the content will be different than if you lived in the UK. If you live in Spain or Mexico for eg then it focuses more on Spanish-speaking content.

How Can I Watch USA Channel Lineup If Im In For Eg England?

First of all, if you are living outside of the USA and want to watch the USA channel lineup you would first need to clean the cache and data of Pluto TV then use a VPN and choose the country location you would like to watch. If you would like to go back to your own channel lineup from your own country then we need to repeat the steps and clean the cache and data of Pluto TV.


Pluto TV has its own website which we can view via a good browser. The website has the exact same content as the apk and is great for those people who want to sit and watch on their personal computer. To visit the website click HERE.

Google playstore

The app can also be found in the playstore and has received many positive reviews and is a very popular choice as a legal and free option. If you enjoy using the app why not give them a nice review HERE.

Alternative app For Legal VOD

If you are loving Pluto TV then you might want to check out FilmRise this is another fantastic app for free movies and TV and can be used on Mobile phones, Tablets and Android boxes, and Amazon Devices.

How do i activate the Android TV with the Nvidia Sheild?

  1. After you have installed Pluto Tv minimize the app.
  2. On the top row of the shield, you will see a list of other pinned apps and your favorites.
  3. Go to the end of the list and you will see a big + click it then find Pluto Tv.
  4. After you find Pluto Tv you can then (add the app to your favorites) by clicking it.
  5. All should be good now and you can now launch the app from your pinned apps, Enjoy

Mod Details

  • Server-sided ads are impossible to remove (The Mod Allows you to Skip Ads in the VOD Video On Demand section
  • Analytics disabled
  • Receivers disabled
  • Mod By hifi2007 reviews phone tablet



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