Perfect Player IPTV v1.5.9.2 MOD Unlocked

Perfect Player IPTV Apk

Perfect Player IPTV is certainly a set-top box type IPTV/Media player for watching videos on TVs, Tablets, and smartphones. The app doesn’t have any channels, you will need to include Playlists in Configurations for this.


  •  Nice OSD selections and info for uncomplicated and pleasant viewing videos with minimal user actions
  •  Scaleable OSD makes appropriately with any display screen resolution and decided on font size
  •  IPTV viewing with channels communities, logos, and EPG
  •  Local files observing (from SDCard, USB, etc)
  •  Video plugins help (videos watching)
  •  Supported playlist platforms: M3U, XSPF
  •  Supported EPG platforms: XMLTV, JTV
  •  udpxy (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy) server support
  •  Can hook up to IPTV files server Great Player’s PC variation. This will then fetch playlist, EPG, logos, and the capability to request a playlist.
  • You can also upgrade immediately by specifying just the IPTV info server street address in the Settings
  •  Can be operated by mouse, computer keyboard, remote control, ideas, etc
  •  The big controls panel is useful on devices with a tiny screen size(toggle the pannel with both fingers contact)
  •  Extended EPG information viewing

Perfect Player Multilanguage support

The app has support for, English, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Perfect Player Supported Playlists Formats

  • M3U
  • XSPF

The App Supports EPG Formats

  • JTV

Perfect Player IPTV Advanced channels list management Includes

  • The program keeps all channels list settings that will not get lost after playlists update.
  • It works with multiple playlists and EPGs at the same time.
  • Can set logos and EPG (manual and automapping)
  • The app lets us managing channels groups (add, edit, remove groups)
  • Setting radio channels and time zone shifts.
  • You can rename and, hide/show channels

Channels scanning

In the absence of a signal, the channel is labeled as no signal and excluded from the final playlist until a signal appears again

Channels presence checking

Lost channels in the list of the provider are marked as lost before they occur or can be removed from the final playlist

Channels list sorting

Stick by group, sort by name, by group, within the selected group, move grouped channels to top, move hidden channels to bottom, set provider’s ordering

Playlist and EPG exporting

Fully compatible automatic playlist and EPG generating

What’s New v1.5.8

  • Updated HW+ decoder
  • Improved audio decoding and network stability in HW+ decoder
  • Added HTTPS protocol support for Hardware and Software decoders
  • Fixes

Play store

If you would like to use the play store version it can be found HERE This is a good way to support the developer of your favorite app. It is also a good way to leave a comment or rate the app whoever it is good or bad. They also have a website and can be found HERE.

Mod Details

  • Full version unlocked
  • All ads calls and services from Activity removed
  • AOSP Compatible
  • Analytics disabled
  • Mod by Balatan