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myTuner Radio apk

myTuner Radio is an app to listen to live streaming from all over the world on your android phone or tablet. It allows you to listen to internet radio, AM and FM radio from more than 200 countries with over 50,000 stations. This gives the user the opportunity to browse through stations we are unable to pick up from your own country and allows us to listen to stations we were unaware of before.


  • Listen to your best radio stations and listen to  local AM and FM radio channels
  • Search by genre: eg pop, rock, news, sports, and more
  • Play and listen to the radio in the background
  • Has some Podcasts shows to listen too

myTuner Radio

What do i need?

The only thing that is needed is an internet connection using either data or your home or public wifi. This is a great idea if you suffer from really poor signals in your area. It is also handy if you on on the move and away from home and on public transport ect.

Where can I listen?

You can pretty much listen anywhere from around the world as long as you have an active internet connection. you can listen to the best AM, FM, and online radio stations of your country or of your homeland when you are abroad. This will work on many cellphones and tablets using either data or your wifi signal.

Global Search

Using the global search is easy and a few search examples:

  • sports radio
  • Newstalk
  • country radio
  • NPR radio live
  • BBC radio


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Play Store

myTuner Radio can be found in the Play Store feel free to support them. Check out some of the reviews and add your own if you wish to.

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