Many FM Internet Radio v9.4 PRO MOD

Many FM Internet Radio is a radio app that has thousands of radio stations of different countries and genres available in one app. Listen to your favorite FM and AM radio stations online for free. The app makes it easy for you to discover, customize and enjoy the best music on the planet always 100% free. The app offers a free version with ads and a pro version. They are a hands-on team of music lovers and musicians dedicated to delivering world-class music applicable to any of your activities.

Internet Radio PRO

Features and benefits

Convenient notifications with media buttons will help to switch between favorite radio stations without opening the app.

  • Save your favorite music channels and listening history
  • Rate songs and unlock your own “Five-Star”​ channel
  • Never run out of song skips
  • Ban artists or songs from a specific channel
  • Share your favorite channels and songs

There is no restriction regarding quality, all bitrates are available for you. If you can’t find your radio (that’s a very rare situation), you can add it by yourself or just chat with developers.

Genres available

  •  Top 40 Pop Hits
  •  Classic Rock
  •  Lite Adult Contemporary
  •  Jazz
  •  Country
  •  Alternative Rock
  •  Smooth Jazz
  •  Relaxing music
  •  Classical
  •  Hip-Hop
  •  Christmas music
  •  R&B
  •  Oldies (the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s)
  •  Indie Rock
  •  Christian
  •  Electronic
  •  Blues
  •  Reggae
  •  Celtic
  •  Americana
  •  Comedy
  •  Soul
  •  Pop Standards
  •  Broadway
  •  Punk
  •  Latin
  •  Korean Po
  •  Native American
  •  Hawaiian
  •  Cabaret


If you would like to buy this version it can be found @here and will support the development of the app.


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