GKM 200cc Massimo Go Cart

GKM 200cc Massimo Go cart is a very nice go cart to have if you like going off roading in the hills. This cart is perfect for going off roads, it’s suitable for all adults and teenagers. You can get a lot of miles out of this little gas tank. If you love playing outdoors and in the dirt, you will love this little cart. Let’s go to the dooms and have tons of fun riding this little cart in the sand.

GKM 200cc Massimo Go Cart

This cart is equipped 4 Stroke Engine, Oil Cooling System, Automatic w/Reverse system, Electric CDI, CDI Ignition, and uses a 12V-9AH battery. This cart can go as fast as 45 miles an hour making this cart super fun.

It’s time to get outside and throw some dirt around with the new Massimo GKM200 SAND Go Kart. This go kart machine features a 177cc gasoline engine with an automatic transmission for easy and smooth riding, along with a full light package, roll cage and bucket seats with a 4 point harness for safety.

GKM 200cc Massimo Go Cart

Get outside, have some fun and make some memories with this go kart. The go kart is the perfect blend of power, speed and fun. This quality go kart is built to lastYou can purchase this Go Cart from the link, you would love this cart. We had so much fun riding around during halloween trick or treating getting some yummy candy.

GKM 200cc Massimo Go Cart

You can see this is a really nice go cart, this cart has the muscle wether you want to ride hard in the dirt, or just use it as a golf cart and just ride around. We used this cart at the time to just ride around the town. Soon we will take it off roading to really push this go cart to its full potential. if you like to see how this car runs, you can click on the LINK to see how it runs.

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