Farmhouse Fireplace Television Stand

Farmhouse Entertainment Center for televisions up to 80 inches, this tv stand comes with a 42″ fireplace that kicks out heat to warm up rooms up to 400 sqft, making this the perfect tv stand for your television. If you love watching movies, this fireplace gives you the choice to choose from seven different theme colors. I love watching horror movies, so putting the lights red makes the movie more entertaining.

Now that we are closer to Christmas, using the green color makes the Christmas movie come to life. Inside the cabinet shelf, there are also some LED lights that light up with the fireplace making it look amazing, you also have a choice to change the light colors in the cabinets.

Farmhouse Fireplace Television Stand

Introduce a touch of elegance into living spaces with this spacious console table, a stunning storage furnishing outfitting 4 sliding drawers, and double visible cabinets encased in a subtly etched, geometric-inspired silhouette. It also features a sturdy support base, adjustable shelves and wire management for a refined look and added convenience.

The enhanced wood’s rich grain gives it a naturally weathered look that accentuates its fine classic details. Chic and sophisticated, this 70″ TV stand in a rustic oak finish is the perfect storage and display piece for your living room. Pair it with the 42″ fireplace to create an entertainment space that is both stylish and filled with functionality.

Dimensions: 70″W × 36″H × 17″D. The assembly is hassle-free and thanks to the pre-cut, precisely manufactured components. Enjoy a functional and stylish centerpiece for your entertainment needs. It will be sent out in 2 separate parcels due to large size and arrive at you on different days.

Farmhouse Fireplace


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