Filmzie apk legal Streaming Movies v2.0.7 MOD

Filmzie apk is a free and 100% legal platform for streaming high-quality movies, mostly from independent filmmakers and small studios. The goal of the app is to support the independent movie industry, reward filmmakers for their exceptional films, and broaden the film community. There are so many great films out there from extremely talented filmmakers that just don’t get seen by the general public. Filmzie has tons of exceptional FREE content, including award-winning movies, the best in independent film, mind-blowing shorts, family movies, enlightening documentaries, and much more.

Filmzie apk

Filmzie apk Features

  •  Hundreds of hours of FREE HD quality movies
  •  New movies added regularly
  •  Indie film scene with the best movies and shorts from renowned independent filmmakers
  •  No subscriptions, no fees – completely FREE movie streaming
  •  By watching the movies, you support independent filmmakers and small studio productions

Watch now instantly

Watch instantly without registration. Guest users get access to a great selection of movies from every genre, available to you for FREE.


FREE registration unlocks the full potential you can get on Filmzie. Rate, review, join group discussions and comment on interesting topics you like. Became a true Filmzie.


Every time users of the app watch a film on Filmzie, a short ad will play that helps to fund the project and the filmmakers who provide their work to the apps platform.

Copyright Protected

All movies on Filmzie are copyright protected and completely legal to watch. See the full terms and conditions here:

Is there a subscription option?

Not at the moment. Instead, you get to watch tons of exceptional movies and help support independent filmmakers with every movie you watch, all for FREE!

Are there any big blockbuster movies on Filmzie?

They have lots of award-winning movies, shorts, documentaries, indies, and even some movies with well-known actors, but no huge “blockbuster” films. Often, good movies don’t become blockbusters, but that doesn’t mean they’re low quality

If you would like to check out the website click HERE this will give you more information and direct you to download from the play store.

Mod Details phone and tablet

  • Ad break disabled
  • Analytics disabled
  • Receivers disabled
  • Mod by hifi2007 reviews phone tablet


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