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encoreTVB is designed and brought to you by TVB (USA), Inc., a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of one of the largest distributors of Chinese-language television programs in the world, Hong Kong-based, TVB Group.

Chinese TV Shows

Features Of Encore TVB

TVB of the United States has launched the “encoreTVB” free drama entertainment app, allowing you to watch the wonderful programs of Hong Kong TVB wireless TV for free. The method is very simple, just download and install the free encoreTVB application on your Apple or Android phone, tablet, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, fourth-generation Apple TV, or use your computer to log in to the website www. encoreTVB.com, no matter when and where you are, you can do whatever you want. The encoreTVB APP has a dazzling array of exciting shows, including the latest dramas, situational comedies, news, finance, entertainment, and variety shows, artist news, travel, cooking and dining, life information, and classic TVB dramas that everyone misses. Most of the episodes are Provide Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation options, and the content is updated daily.

encoreTVB renders FREE digital Video-On-Demand (VOD) service of premium TVB programs include

  •  The hottest Hong Kong drama in both Cantonese and Mandarin (The Defected, Big White Duel)
  •  Classic, and memorable drama (The Greed of Man, Looking Back in Anger)
  •  Situation comedy (Come, Home Love, Big Selling Secrets)
  •  Palace drama (Beyond the Realm of Conscience, War And Beauty)
  •  Crime drama (Line Walker, E.U.)
  •  Classic Wuxia drama (The Legend of The Condor Heroes, The Heaven Sword, and the Dragon Saber)
  •  Early 1900s drama (Rosy Business, Storm in a Cocoon)
  •  Talk Shows (The Green Room, Young, and Restless)
  •  Any kind of entertainment shows (artist news, travel shows, cooking show, lifestyle show, educational show, and documentary)
  •  Most updated news from Hong Kong to all over the world
  •  Highlights from the splendid shows and dramas

Popular Android emulators

Encore TVB can be used in emulators such as blue stacks and Nox player. I have also tried it with the less popular emulator called Andy and it works very well.


To view the content on the website click HERE this is helpful for those that use desktop computers. Please note a VPN may be needed to play content because of GEO restrictions.


If you would like to view the content on the phone or tablet the playstore link can be found HERE

encoreTVB v2.860 build 286000 mod

  • Ads disabled
  • Analytics disabled
  • Receivers disabled
  • FireTV Android TV
  • mod by hifi2007 reviews

Encore TVB HK, Chinese TV Shows Android TV v2.860 build 286000 mod


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