Elmubashir Apk World IPTV v6.6.8 Original

Elmubashir Apk is an android app that allows you to watch free tv from around the world. This android app is a good 1 but does have its limitations and faults the first fault is the fact that out of 5 sections we have only access to 2 of them.

Sections include


When we first launched the apk it will load a page with the options of favorites local media packages and tools. In the tools tab, it has a couple of options to be able to add IPTV LOADER and also SMART LINK LOADER these options will allow you to add your own m3u link.

Then we have a local media folder that will allow us to browse our android drive for content. In the package folder, is where the fun begins. If we click into this folder we will have  5 packages to choose from but unfortunately, only 2 of those are unlocked for viewing the rest of them require you to visit the Facebook group for a code to input. The good thing is those 2 unlocked folders offer so much content hundreds of world IPTV on offer.

The two folders I am talking about are as follows

  • BEST LIVElive tv

So much stuff on offer here this list is huge. Check out the images above for the country list. In the apk menu, we have the settings tab a shared app tab, and an about, and then check for updates. When we visit settings we have language, style, and developer tools. You can use the MX player pro to play all of your live tv content in this apk.On looking and trying this apk the channels I choose all seemed to play without any issues and as of writing the apk seems stable so far.

password is   apeeegosoft


Elmubashir Apk

The new update now has a login option rather than the password option like previous builds. As for typing, the first section works great without the need to log in. The interface has now changed including a color change and a new layout. There is now an option to change the theme in the settings menu.

elmubashir apk

Website for live tv Elmubashir Apk

Feel free to check out their website HERE but to be fair there is not much going on maybe it is going to get worked on in the future.

elMubashir V6.6.8 original


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