LITT Live Dash Radio Music & DJs v7.0.0 Adfree

Dash is the biggest original digital radio broadcasting platform in the world. Streaming live 24/7, Dash Radio features the biggest DJs, personalities, and curators in the world on 75+ original & exclusive stations in every genre (with more added weekly).

Dash has a fast and easy interface just click on your favorite preset stations (like the dashboard of a car) and go. No ads, pop-up windows, or searching. Everything is done with a tap.

Dash Radio


Dash Radio features

  • No commercials or awkward pauses between songs
  • Real DJ’s & personalities playing music! No computers and algorithms controlling you
  • 75+ original (not simulcast FM) live streaming stations
  • Stream the music via Bluetooth or cord to your car & speakers/headphones
  • Amazing sound quality
  • The best programming in the world
  • Win free prizes daily by listening

Dash Radio Stations

  • Odd Future Radio
  • Playboy Radio
  • Cadillacc Music from Snoop Dogg
  • Rinse FM
  • East Village Radio
  • The Shane Show
  • Remember Music
  • B Real TV
  • Prince


  • Electro City
  • Space Bass
  • Zoetic
  • Subdustrial

(Hip Hop)

  • XXL
  • Independent Grind
  • 1580
  • Native Rhymes
  • The City


  • Dash Alternative
  • The Basement
  • Indie
  • The Lab


  • Red Cup Radio
  • The Ranch


  • Main Stage
  • Press Play


  • Paradise City
  • Atlantic Tunnel
  • 11
  • The Strip


  • Y2K
  • 90’s
  • 80’s
  • 70’s
  • The Oldies

(Faith & Gospel)

  • The Bridge
  • The Cross


  • Cinescore


  • Multiplayer


  • Reggae King
  • Kingston

(Jazz & Classical)

  • Ratpack
  • Concerto
  • Cool


  • Paraiso
  • La Isla
  • Fuego


  • Moonlight
  • Bump & Grind
  • Pure Soul
  • What The Funk
  • Disco Fever

Sick of the radio playing the same songs and playlists over and over? Or listening to 15 minutes of commercials per hour? Dash is all original for free with the most variety, zero commercials, and authentic and credible DJs, personalities, and stations.


Dash Radio has its own website and can be found @ feel free to check it out 100% ad and commercial-free.

Amazon Store

Depending on where you live in the world and what devices you own the app can be found @ check them out.


At the moment the playstore only has the Tablet and phone versions of the app. click HERE for the playstore version completely ad-free

Apple App Store

If you just happened to land on this page then you are in luck, This can be found on the apple store @

and 100% ad-free for apple devices.

What’s New v7.0.0

  • We’re thrilled to announce that Dash Radio has evolved into something even more spectacular – introducing LITT Live! Your go-to destination for all your favorite artists, DJs, and hosts is now bigger and better than ever before. Universal


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