Cartoon HD Apk v3.3.3 Phone Tablet MOD

Cartoon HD apk is the original free movie & tv streaming app that gave all of today’s most popular streaming apps ideas, like Showbox, Megabox, and Movie HD. The apk is not talked about much these days because so much has happened and movie apps are getting better all the time. To be fair Cartoon HD is still a great choice and allows you to watch movies and TV shows on any Android device. The Apk allows you to choose video quality settings between 360 to 1080p and also allows you to download and save your favorite videos offline so that you can watch them without having an internet connection.

Cartoon HD Apk

Cartoon HD has both Search and Filter options which makes it easy to find the Movie or TV Show you are looking for. So if you are a fan of watching Movies and TV Shows, Cartoon HD is a great apk that many have forgotten about.

Features Of Cartoon HD Apk

  • Completely free to use.
  • Set a custom player.
  • Has a Built-in player.
  • Small file size.

Built-in player

Cartoon HD apk has its own player and it works well most of the time. I have recently noticed that when I play a movie I would hear sound but no video.I’m not sure why this has started to happen but the easy fix is to use a custom player. If this happens to you I would suggest the MX PLAYER which should then fix any problems.

Similar app

If you are looking for something similar then Megabox might be a good option. Or maybe choose a scraping app that will produce a lot more sources from around the web such as VidMix which will provide Live TV too

Cartoon HD apk


If you would like to support the developer then check out the new website HERE this is a good way to support the project.


The developer and Facebook page can be found on this page any issues contact the developer.

Mod Details

  • Ads removed
  • Android 13 supported
  • Mod by hifi2007


MV CastPlayer v2.0.1 build 201 


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