Aurora Store Yalp Store Alternative v4.0.7

Aurora Store apk

Aurora Store gives you the ability to download and install programs from the PlayStore.There’s no need to depend on the Play Market application and google services. It is a fork of the program Yalp Store in the style of material design 2.0 and some additional features.

Yalp Store Alternative

Yalp Store is a very well-coded app, but it lacks Material Design. Sergey Yeriomin has clearly mentioned he will not redo UI/UX changes as his intention is to support devices from Android 2.x to 8.x which is perfectly fine. Adding up new Material UI Libraries will increase the app size.

This defeats its purpose in the context of older devices. In an attempt to have wider device support the Yalp Store uses some depreciated Android libraries and methods. These have minor Security and memory leak issues.

Yalp Store

A Way To Avoid Google Play Services

Some people try to avoid the google play service as much as they can. This is because of the memory usage and storage space. This can include privacy and unwanted updates.

Aurora Store

Redesigning Yalp Store Alternative

Aurora Store is a new redesign of the YalpStore and has many security fixes and a better UI.


If you would like to find more information about this app, check them out HERE. This will help support the developer of this great app.

What’s New

  • The app was written from scratch.
  • Added in-app Download Manager
  • Improved Notification Manager
  • UI based on latest MD Guidelines
  • Deployed dedicated token-dispenser
  • Improved Blacklist Manager
  • Favorite Apps Manager has been added
  • Language: en, ru, UK

Mod Info

  • Downloads Forced On External Storage (Aurora)
  • All Downloads In The Same Single-Level Directory (Aurora)
  • Compression Flags Untouched
  • No Third-Party Patch
  • No Additional Component
  • 5.2 MB
  • Release by Kirlif’

AURORA STORE V4.0.7 [20210909] [NIGHTLY]