Anime tv apk v10.2 Ad-Free

Anime tv apk is a free and easy-to-use android apk. You can watch hundreds of videos. The app lets us watch Anime shows and other anime on our Android devices. The app can allow us to watch Anime online and in good quality.

Anime tv apk

It has a simple-to-use interface also and the apk is very small in size. If you are an anime lover then this apk may be for you. The Anime TV app will have at your disposal the best anime series, the Japanese anime classics, and the most current anime series.

Features Of Anime tv

  • Popular Anime Apk.
  • Watch Your Favorite Anime Videos for free.
  • Lots of  Anime Series.
  • Simple Design.
  • Search engine.
  • Uses Google video.
  • Fast loading speeds.
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-use interface.
  • HD Video Player.
  • Favorites section.
  • Little publicity.

External Players

This apk will not require the use of an external player because the built-in player works great. If you want to use an external player i recommend the Mx player and can be found HERE

About Anime tv

This is an apk that you can use as an alternative to others such as AnimeDroid or WiWi.which has lots of episodes of anime series including all the best titles and also has new offerings. The apk has a home screen so we can browse through all the content and also a section to explore the different categories available including action, adventures, comedy, drama, and more. With the manual search engine, we can find things easily and bookmark series as favorites. So what are you waiting for? if you are an Anime fan then this apk is a good choice and is 100% free to use. I definitely recommend you download the APK  which you won’t find on the Google Play store anymore because they removed it.


When we search for what we want to watch we can then double click on our chosen episodes then we are able to select our preferred player or use the built-in player that works well.

Is Anime tv legal?

Anime tv is not legal, but it also is not illegal. This sounds confusing, but pirating is only illegal for the one hosting it. Anime tv is hosting the videos on Google and other services, meaning the app itself is not hosting any illegal content.

Is The Anime tv App safe?

Anime tv is safe to use without any viruses associated with its usage. The app itself is not official but it doesn’t contain any kind of harmful malware and is 100% safe to install.

Is this Anime tv apk offiical ?

NO, the app is not an official Anime tv but it is still 100% safe to install without any nasty surprises. The only true official place is the Russian website version.



At the time of writing the app can be found in the play store HERE who knows how long this will last.

Mod Details

  • Analytics disabled
  • Receivers disabled
  • Ads disabled
  • Mod by hifi 2007 reviews.


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