anYme Anime apk v11.970 MyAnimeList

AnYme Anime Apk

anYme Anime apk can Synchronize with MyAnimeList.The apk can detect how many episodes you have watched and had a feature to find similar and related Anime from shows.

Does it have ads?

You should not see any ads in this apk because they offer a Built-in AdBlocker which blocks annoying ads and trackers.

What to watch?

If you cannot decide what to watch there’s an option to be able to use the Random Anime button.

Other useful features

  • Clean up your My Anime List profile.
  • Quickly see how long it’ll take before an Anime airs.
  • See the schedule of your favorite Anime.
  • Skip opening music for an Anime.
  • Look up pictures from your favorite show and batch-download them.
  • Look up theme songs and listen to them.
  • Find discussions about episodes on Reddit.
  • Get notified whenever a new episode releases! etc.

anYme Anime apk

Things you should know

  • AnYme requires no app permission. So it can’t look at your private files and send them to a server
  • You need at least Android 4.4
  • You can request new features on
  • AnYme uses HTTPS when connecting to MAL, tho when creating a MAL account, I recommend you pick a password you do not use anywhere else

Where to find them

You can find them on Reddit HERE and the Reddit download section HERE. There is also a GitHub page HERE.

Change Log v10.95 anYme Anime apk

  • Updated the UI in Vydia
  • Swipe up to change brightness in Vydia
  • Forward or rewind by double-tapping the left or right side of the screen
  • Added an option to play the video externally if it fails to play in Vydia
  • Added a loading indicator so you know when Vydia is loading
  • Fixed an issue where videos on AnimePahe don’t play. It only works when you use Vydia
  • Fixed not being able to search for movies on AU
  • Fixed not being able to find certain shows on AU
  • Profile image, not loading has been fixed
  • Many bug fixes