YMusic apk – YouTube music player & downloader

YMusic apk

YMusic – YouTube music player & downloader 

YMusic apk is a super convenient music app for you, enjoy music from YouTube with smallest consumed data. The apk is a useful tool you can use to play YouTube video in the background, and download a video in most formats including mp3 for music.


YMusic plays only the audio of YouTube video in the background and can save up to 90% consumed data. You will no longer worry about playing YouTube music with a slow network connection and spending a lot of data transfer cost every month.


Very easy to download YouTube video whichever format you like, including MP3 format.YMusic can auto-detect the Artist and Album name of the video using last.FM service. It makes your music collection clearer and more convenient for searching.

Jockey player

YMusic apk player is forked from the open-source project Jockey HERE and is a super powerful and lightweight music player.

More Features

  • You are able to customize the interface with lots of colors to choose from.YMusic apk
  • It has Last.FM integration for finding artist images and descriptions.
  • Offers Home screen widgets.
  • An equalizer is added and we can use custom options to our liking.

Compatible with YouTube

You are able to click the share button in youtube and easily navigate with YMusic apk to listen and download for playing when offline.


To support the developer you can check out the website HERE. Please note this is the original and is not ad-free.To check the ad-free use my download links below.

YMusic – YouTube music player & downloader v3.1.4.1 [Mod by TryRoom]


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