World Sports Stream IPTV review WSS Android

World Sports Stream WSS

World Sports Stream WSS 

World Sports Stream (WSS) is one of the best Android apps for watching many sports streams which includes live Football, Soccer, and other sports games and events. It also offers some sports channels too including movie channels.World Sports Stream (WSS)

 What WSS has to offer

  • Stream in real-time and live.
  • Has most sports events available.
  • Stable stream Experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Offers different Streaming Quality.
  • It has lots of sports Channels.


The website can be found HERE for the original version and will help support the developer of this apk.

My Review

This apk for live sports is a good 1  and has been around for such a long time. The apk is a good free alternative to watch your sports events on your cell phone when you are out and about. On testing, they do seem to offer some good streams and in various quality too so good for low bandwidth users on a data cap. With this been around such a long time, things seem to get updated when channels go down so they keep on top of things.

If you go to the settings of the apk you are able to choose your player of choice. I find using the MX player works best. There’s also an option to pick a player not on the list so use what works best for your device for a more stable service. We are also able to watch some none sports too so it’s not just about sports it offers all kinds of channels most been the UK channels. There are some movies to enjoy also.

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