UKMovnow Apk for Android – Download

UKMovnow Apk

UKMOVNow for Android – Download

UKMovnow Apk is a very good Android apk to watch all the latest movies in HD quality and is free of charge. This apk has a huge list of movies including different categorized genres.

What UKMovnow Apk offers

UKMovnow Apk offers many movies and is free to use it has Hollywood and Hollywood dubbed Lollywood Bollywood and new movies are added every day. It has new and old content. In the hamburger menu, we can request a movie go to recently watched and also view a movie you bookmarked previously from favorite content. In the settings, there are player settings that users the go player we also have a clear search history and save search history.

When we look for our movie there is an option to be able to search with the engine or were able to browse the huge list via genres. The android app is very basic but is very easy to use and does have some great content on offer.UKMovnow Apk also has an option to watch the movie trailer before we decide to choose our movie. When we choose what we want to watch its a basic but simple 1 click option so as soon as we select our movie it will instantly start to play.

My review

I would like to see more options for UKMovnow Apk such as more options in the settings I think this apk is weak in this area and needs improving. This apk doesn’t offer services such as real debrid or the ability to be able to change our player within the settings menu. I would also like to see TRAKT in the future. Because this apk does work I won’t pick on it too much. At the end of the day, we just need something that works and this 1 does.


  • Easy to use apk.
  • Very fast at loading the movies.
  • 1 click start of movies.
  • Works on fire sticks.


  • Very basic apk.
  • settings very limited.
  • Has no real debrid option.

To download the official release you can check there website address HERE

UKMOVNow v1.5 [modded by Psychloan420]


 Firestick v1.3 [modded by Psychloan420]


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