TV Catchup – Watch Free Live TV UK

TV Catchup – Watch Free Live TV UK

With tv catchup, we are able to watch the most popular free to air channels from the UK.Unfortunately, if we live outside of the UK then we are unable to view this content.

TV Catchup - Watch Free Live TV UKTV Catchup - Watch Free Live TV UK


Channels included in this apk are as follows.

  • BBC 1
  • BBC 2
  • ITV
  • CBBC
  • BBC 4
  • Millenium TV
  • QVC

And many more Channels

TV license

If we are in the UK we must have a valid tv license to watch this content by UK law.


Yes, this service is legal and is a free option to watch free tv from the UK as long as a valid license is present.

I am outside of the UK can I still watch?

It is possible to catch up on your favorite tv channels while been outside of the UK. A VPN aka Virtual Private Network will be needed. This website does offer a free VPN solution. Search the apk tools/utilities and you will find a free VPN that works with this free tv apk.

My options in this Android APK

Tv catchup has been around a long time and even though it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles it does have the ability to be able to watch channels if we are out and about and not at home. This apk should work on most phones and has no problem with my android 7 phones with data. The downside to this app is that it only offers SD definition so no HD option is available.


  • Can watch most free to air channels in the UK.
  • Very low on Data due to it only streaming low quality.
  • We can see what is playing on the channel at the time.
  • Offers the ability to just click the channel and watch (1 click).
  • In the play store.


  • Has only SD channels and is a very basic app.
  • Unable to watch outside of the UK without using a VPN.
  • If we are from the UK a TV Licence is needed.

Play store link can be found HERE

TVCatchup – Watch Free Live TV v2.3.3 

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