Torrent Stream Controller apk v1.6.35 official

Torrent Stream Controller apk is yet another app that allows you to watch live TVon an Android device. The application uses AceStream technology for playing live TV content. See more than 600 channels on your Android-device technology peer-to-peer. And yet, you can watch movies without waiting for them to complete the download. And all this for free. Just download and install this application.

Torrent Stream Controller apk


2.3.3 and up, Ace Stream Engine for Android 3.0.1, MX Player, MX Codec.


Once you download, install, and open the application you will need to get AceStream technology. On the first run, the application will download AceStream for you and install it. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything on your own. The AceStream technology will run every time you try to play content using Torrent Stream Controller, which means you don’t need to manually start AceStream on its own.

Convenient? Therefore, the next step for you is to choose which channel you want to play. The list of channels available in Torrent Stream Controller is quite big and there is a great selection of sports channels, movie channels, news channels, and so on. Clicking on any of the channels will prompt your Android device to open the default video player for playing the content you chose. If you have more than one video player available you can choose whichever you want.

Paid features

  •  TV program (may not be available for all channels)
  •  Adding channels to favorites
  •  fast channel switching during viewing
  •  installation of players by default for different types of content in the application settings
  •  History of views and the ability to play previously viewed content
  •  Search by channel names and names of current TV programs
  •  Setting the behavior of the application, including the ability to hide channels for XXL.
  •  disabling advertising banners

If you want you can buy a premium version that offers a handful of features such as an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), the ability to add channels to favorites lists, channel search, and more. Of course, the advertisements will go away as well.


If you would like to visit the official website it can be found HERE. The site is Russian but can be translated into English

original website


I find the best player for this apk is definitely the wuffy player and it works very well and can be found HERE.

torrent-stream-controller-1.6.35 original


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