Simple Radio Player Free Live AM FM Premium

Simple Radio Player Free Live

Simple Radio Player Free Live AM FM Premium

Simple Radio is an android apk who was created by Streema. This apk is a very simple way of listening to your favorite Music and talk Radio stations and has both FM AM Radio, through our internet connection AKA Internet Radio Online.

40.00 radio stations

The apk app for Android has over 40.000 radio stations on offer and can be used all around the world. You can listen to the ones we know about already from our county or local station in our area.

It’s very easy to find any radio station. We can Search by genre including pop radio stations, rock radio stations, news radio stations, sports radio stations, and more. or search by country (like world radio stations), by genre, by format, by state or by the city.

My review

When we first launch the apk we will see a massive list of radio stations from the country location where you are from and even your local stations if present. We can add stations to favorite and by clicking on the station we are able to listen to it instantly. The search is very good because we can for Eg, search for hip-hop and it will find all stations on offer from around the world related to hip-hop. There is an option to search via country simply search the country of your choice and it will list the stations.

Play store

To download the original apk you can find it in the play store HERE also check out the reviews.

Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM v2.7.6 [Premium] mod by derrin


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